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Merry Christmas Nov 08 mamas and babes!

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Just dropping in to say hi and see how everyone was doing. I have been sick/dealing with sick kids/working and thats about it. Matthews party went surprisingly smooth and was a blast.

Everyone ready for our LO's semi-first Christmas? I know they were all here for it last year, but they were mostly all a month or two old, right? Just sleeping, nursing, and pooping. This year should be interesting.
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I've been wondering where everyone in our DDC went!

Aisy turned one a week ago on Monday, and she realized that she was a toddler a couple days into it, or so it seems. She's walking, talking a little bit, using more sign language and throwing HUGE tantrums. I'm at a loss really. How do you deal with a tantrum from a one year old? I have no idea. It's pitiful, really.
She's climbing now, everything. At least she's figured out how to get back down so I don't have to worry toooooo much.
I gave her straight up cows milk for the first time a couple of days ago and she got a little gassy, but she really likes it. I still plan on giving her a couple of bottles of formula a day and then a couple of cows milk. I still feel a huge amount of guilt for not making it past 11 months with breastfeeding. I really wanted to go at least 2 years I've been considering relactation, but I'm worried about weaning her again because when I had to wean her before my hormones got all messed up and I didn't even want to look at her. Let alone play with her or take care of her. I mean, I did, of course. I just really resented it and I think she could feel that from me. So sad. I don't even know where I'd begin with relactation anyway, so I don't know. My DH is kind of against it just because he had to deal with the brunt of my emotional meltdown over it and he doesn't want to have to re-live that week and she's thriving without the breastmilk. I don't know. What do you think? Any advice?
We're also planning on starting to TTC in August, I'm super excited about that!
DH and I actually got married the day before Aisy's birthday, in a super secret wedding ceremony in our backyard, barefoot and in the sunshine. It was perfect.

Here are a few recent pictures of Aisy:

And all three of us:
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Hello Bethanie! I have often wondered how you were doing. I too was not able to make it past 11 months BFing, but for different reasons. Unfortiuatly, Matt has a suspected Milk allergy. I had him started on Silk, but then his brother and (we think) he got a stomach bug, and the Silk was only making that worse. So I went back to the prosobee and hes slowly getting better. I will try the silk again once hes having good firm poops (Which was a cinch for him before this stomach bug!)

Congrats on your wedding!

If you were having such a hard time with BFing, and then from weaning, I would advise against relactation. I was able to find peace with my decision by seeing how happy and thriving matthew was even though he wasnt nursing. That made it a little easier for me.
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Hi mamas! I love this time of year, even though it doesn't feel like winter, and there's no chance of snow! Thanks for starting the thread, Barbie!

Congrats on getting married, Stardust! That's great! I'm glad you two made it through all the difficult changes of the past year.

As for Miss Meadow...well, she's wonderful, as always! She's really making some progress in her development, and that's exciting. In a lot of ways she's pretty delayed, but in others she's totally on top of things. For example, she's still about the size of a 6-month old (she's wearing a 3-month outfit today), but she's getting closer and closer to crawling. She can sit unassisted, but can't catch herself if she starts to fall over. PT is really helping, though.

Her vision is improving all the time, and she's so happy. We've had more testing done, an MRI and a visit to another geneticist. Still no answers on her condition, which is so frustrating! We may never know, which is so hard!

She's been sick - some sort of stomach bug this week, poor thing. Rob's out of town, so I'm alone, stuck at home with a sick baby and about to go out of my mine! She seems to be feeling better today, and even ate a little bit. It's scary, she's hasn't been sick before, and I hate seeing her like that.

I'm thinking about going back to work, more for my own sanity than anything else. I miss the challenge and the stimulation. I'm looking for somethign part time though. I can't imagine leaving her in full-time daycare yet, I don't know when I'll be ready for that.
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Hey everyone!
Busy but good as usual! Im still at my In-laws and enjoying the time with family. I just recieved some upsetting news from my family (my uncle was hit by a drunk driver and has a broken neck) so instead of returning to Japan in January like I was planning I will be taking a trip to visit my family in California and see what I can do to help.
Lexi is walking and climbing like a champ. Nothing is safe from her climbing (I found her on the kitchen sink yesterday) so I have to be extra watchful with her. Shes also gotten EXTREMELY sensitive where she cries about EVERYTHING. Its driving me a little batty.
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Hi my dear Nov 08 mamas!!! I am so terrible at keeping up lately, but I miss you all! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I cannot BELIEVE our babies are a year old already! This first year has gone the fastest by far of any of my kids. Isabelle is absolutely adorable though, and sooo sweet. She is saying several words, but not walking yet - she cruises really fast but doesn't make it too long when she tries to let go Still nursing a lot and being worn a lot (she looooves back carries and spends much of her life in them, LOL). I will be back to post some pics soon!!
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Sorry! Didn't see this before I started the new thread
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Hi everyone

Charlotte is a very busy little girl. We're pretty sure she's convinced that she's 3.5 (like her brother) instead of 1...she wants to do everything just like him . She's been walking since 10 months and says probably 5-10 words, but acts like she understands everything we say. She's complete opposite of William!

Anyone pregnant again yet? DH and I were talking about planning for future children the other night. We agreed that we'd like to have the next one no further apart than our first two are. But, man, those first few months were so hard. But now they play together so well that it's hard not to wish they were closer together. So, probably sometime between May/June and Sept/Oct we'll TTC again.
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oohh, you're braver than i am! I am nowhere near ready to go through that again anytime soon! I do have such fond memories of pregnancy, and I'd love to try again for a homebirth, but I do NOT want another baby yet - I don't know how I'd do it!

That is exciting though! Good luck
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I would have to stay home if we had another one. ANd probably move in with my parents, since matthew STILL doesn't SLEEP! :yawning Someday, someday.
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Oh mamas, help!! Meadow has decided that she doesn't need to sleep anymore, and it's killing me! Seriously, last night I don't think she slept more than 1 hour. She was tossing and turning, fidgeting, talking, trying to crawl, laughing, clapping, fussing and demanding to nurse CONSTANTLY! I am so tired! She was such a good sleeper up until a couple of months ago when she really started teething. Now she has 4 teeth coming in at once. Plus learning to crawl.

She is really cute with her crawling, though. She can't crawl forwards; she pushes herself backwards! It's adorable, and supposedly means she'll be going forwards any day now. Did any of your babes crawl backwards?

Thanks for listening. I just needed to vent my sleepless frustrations...:yawning
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Oh Birdie. I know just how you feel. Matthew has been the crummiest sleeper. And Charlie is such a fantastic sleeper, it makes it that much worse. We are done nursing, and since he is over a year, we are done with formula. Since he appears to have a milk allergy (appt with allergist 2/5/2010) he has been drinking the plain soy. he STILL wakes up atleast once a night and will suck down 4 ounces like its his first meal EVER. AND he will eat anything he can get his hands. I try to remind myself that every child is different, but I just cant help but wonder how normal it is for a 13 month old to want to drink THAT MUCH MILK? And he wont take a bink. I have tried. he gets SOOOOO MAD!!!

Just think. In another year we will look back on all this and wonder how the heck we made it through with our sanity?
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DD1 told me the other day she wants another sister so Lexi can be a big sister too. Id be happy with another one although I don't know if I can take to much more waking up 4-6 times a night anymore. Lexi isn't as good of a sleep as DD1 was at her age. Im so tired all the time. I do miss having a cuddly newborn, Lexi isn't much of a cuddler anymore unless shes nursing. When shes sleeping she likes to have some space between us.
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OMG I would looooove to get pregnant again But DH isn't quite ready yet....however we don't do anything to prevent, for religious reasons (except rarely ever get the chance to DTD, LOL!!) but my cycle is still weird anyway with nursing two kids!...so who know when it will happen

But in other news, Izzy started walking! Just a few days ago, right as she turned 13 months I am in trouble now!!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 mamas....hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season!
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Oops....forgot to sub and I keep losing our thread!
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