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Homebirth Midwife in GJ CO

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Hi, I have a couple of questions for you birth professionals.

First of all, I'm looking for a homebirth midwife for EDD July 24-27 in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is my second baby, first was born in the hospital after intuitively laboring with family at home--we were in the hospital less than 30 mins when she was born; midwife had just enough time to throw down her keys and catch the babe.

We are in the middle of changing insurance from Medicaid (which covers 0 for hb) to my dp's mystery work insurance which may or may not cover any midwifery. So is anybody out there? Or can you recommend anyone in my area? Willing to work with us financially?

I do not want to have this baby in the hospital. I also am looking for very low interference pre-natal care. I just feel very confident that this pregnancy and delivery will be healthy and straight-forward and would want to decline pretty much all prenatal testing. Is that possible after hiring a midwife?

Also . . . please don't throw rotten fruit at me, these are my honest questions, is it possible to find a hb midwife who will just attend/charge fees for the birth and maybe last month of pregnancy? Like, can I pay you $500 to hang out while I labor in my home---I don't think I'll need a lot of help and pretty much want to just squat in the bushes and do it on my own, but I would like an attendant in case of tearing or needing help with positioning. Also, to allay the fears of my partner (this is his first rodeo, lol). Is this possible or am I dreaming?

I would feel okay with an experienced lay midwife or retired midwife and/or just paying cash for attending the birth. What's most important to me is having someone there who trusts the birth process and will let us be ourselves, let the baby come on its own time and not be drilling me what to do. I feel confident that my body and baby can do it! We live literally right across from a hospital, if that makes any difference.

So . . . anybody out here in Grand Junction, CO? Doulas, can you recommend anyone?

Thanks, and I hope I didn't offend anyone---I know that you ladies provide a wonderful service and deserve all the kudos and $$ in the world; thank you for helping women and babies!
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Wow, I'm really surprised that no one has any feedback at all on this. Even if you're not in my area, I would appreciate any kind of theoretical advice on "how it all works" inside the professional field for someone who has desires and goals like mine.
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I'd suggest posting this on the Unassisted Childbirth forum, since there may be more ladies there who know of midwives who would be willing to work with you. Also, you could try contacting Whapio at www.thematrona.com for a list of midwives in your area that she has trained (she is very respectful and supportive of unhindered birth.)
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Actually, I am going to move this to the Colorado tribal area, where you may find more responses from local birth practitioners who know the "vibe" in the area, whether there are midwives who work as backup for UC (which is basically what it sounds like you want), whether they will do so without a prenatal relationship, etc. It can be a touchy thing, some midwives are cool with it, others are not, and it can be something that "runs" in midwife communities, to do it or not. Good luck!
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here is the site for Colorado Midwifes


i dont know the towns around Grand Junction and i dont see on specifically for GJ, but a lot of the ones i talked to are willing to travel up to 2 hours outside there town.

GOOD LUCK i hope that helps!
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here is one that says she services the whole Western Slope

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Originally Posted by lovebug View Post
here is one that says she services the whole Western Slope

I've used her, she is awesome! She travels all over this part of CO and into Utah as well. I'm down in Durango, she lives in Rico. She is very willing to work things out. I UPed and then just hired her for the birth. Her birth fee is 1K, I think her total fee for prenatal and then birth is 2K, I can't remember for sure though. We paid the 1K for the birth fee. I had a friend that had her stay at a neighbor's house just in case they wanted her, their fee was less since Rebecca never even stepped in their house, but I don't know what. I had a UC, she was 5 minutes away, and she came over after the birth, weighed DS for me, checked him over, and then left. The original plan was to have her hang out downstairs in case I wanted anything, but DS came very fast! I really can't say enough good things about Rebecca, I truly adore her. I met her after having my 2nd, my parents live in her town, and I knew I had to hire her for the next babe.
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Hi, I am one of the Doulas from WCBN( Morgan from GJ Caring hands Doula service). If you still have any questions about home birth in Grand junction PM me and I will be happy to give you all of the info you are needing. I had a home birth here and I worked with midwives from both of the practices during my pregnancy and as a Doula. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Originally Posted by lovebug View Post
here is one that says she services the whole Western Slope

Well, I did contact Rebecca, and she does seem awesome but unfortunately is not available around the time of my EDD.

The search continues!

I also contacted the link to Whapio midwifery training in the hopes that they could get back to me about midwives in my area.

Good thing I still have about six months to plan! Trying not to stress it, but it sure would take a weight off of me just to know that we have options concerning homebirth besides UC. I feel positive about about UC, but I would like the option of having a birth attendant.
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Hello I will get you some information about Midwives here in the Grand Valley
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Midwives - Homebirth


you can also check out www.DoulaMatch.net for local Birth and Postpartum Doula's


Hope that helps

have an awesome Day


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Vonda Kunz

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