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So I've wanted to get into photography for years but could never afford a camera. I have a little point and shoot and I carry it in my pocket (thats how many pics I take). So my FIL and MIL are buying me a camera. I AM SHAKING! I'm hoping to begin with this camera and build up my porfolio. I have lots of willing models. <evil laugh> and eventually use this camera as a backup. What I've come down to is the Canon Rebel Xsi and the Nikon D60? I have always wanted a Nikon but it seems they are just more expensive? I really like the Canon. I have held both in the store. I like them both.

What do you guys think??? And he wants to get this tonight! Help me my Mamas!!!


Too late We went with the Canon Xsi. I'm really excited!!! I think i'll be posting here much more often.