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Indoor Charlottesville ideas?

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Hello Charlottesville Mammas. Can you fill me in on any other indoor stuff besides Childrens Museum in Downtown and the Mall play area? My family will be here about 3 more weeks (hubby's coming home from Afghanistan and has the new 'WTT' classes) and my parents house is NOT all the childproof. We've been to Crozet and Greenleaf park on the pretty days, but I need indoor ideas for the rainy and cold days.

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There are a variety of storytimes, I think. We don't usually go to those, but check out the various library locations. Indoor play at Carver Rec. Albemarle Family may list some activities on their calendar. There's a Facebook group dedicated to finding stuff to do, but I can't remember what it's called.

We ride the bus a lot. *grins*
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Explorations Play Studio has some open studio times coming up; this is a fantastic, Waldorf-inspired place to be. Nicole has a website:


Congratulations on your husband's return!
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