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Talking in their sleep??

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Do your kids talk in their sleep? My daughter has woken up a few times having a nightmare where she says "I don't want to" repeatedly. She's not in a panic, just worried when she wakes up. It's happened twice, would this concern you?

Have your kids ever said weird things in their sleep?
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My kids, or rather our dd does, normally going through what went on during the day, maybe expressing something she wasn't able to, that sort of thing, I used to talk and sing all the time in my sleep as a child, won't tell you what i would sing - lol
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Yeah, my ds talks in his sleep. It's usually about an hour after he's fallen asleep. It just kind of like dreaming out loud.
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Dd and ds have both talked in their sleep. It's usually just mumbling, but a couple times they've said some really funny stuff. I talked in my sleep a few times as a child, and it was always something funny. If my child was talking in their sleep and sounding upset about something, I'd ask in the morning if they remember what they were dreaming about. I don't think it's anything to worry about, though.
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Dd, who will be 8 in a couple of months talks in her sleep quite often. She attends a language immersion school and I would say that 99% of the time she doesn't speak English in her sleep. It's probably something that happened in the classroom that is being triggered in a dream. A couple of times (she still co-sleeps) she has been very insistent when talking in her sleep and I've asked her during the day if something is going on at school. (According to her, no.) I don't think much of it, usually, though. I sleep talk and as a child slept walked, even dangerously. I was told that it's quite hereditary and that there is no need to worry about it.
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Yes, ds (2 1/2) does this...insert heavenly love voice here: "Thooomasss" He loves trains, lol! And last night, "Chocolate milk." His second favorite to Thomas, well and the boob
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My dd talks in her sleep all the time. I don't view it as something to worry about. If your dd has symptoms of abuse then I think you should worry, but not about talking in her sleep about not wanting to do something. There are multiple things kids are asked to do by parents, siblings, peers, and teachers that they really don't want to do so that alone shouldn't be a concern.
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My oldest talks in his sleep every night. He used to walk as well, but that hasn't happened for quite some time. I rarely understand what he's saying but he's always just talking so I'm not worried.

My 3 year old laughs in his sleep constantly. What I wouldn't give to see what he was dreaming about that is so funny.
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Unless she starts doing dangerous things during her dreams (like I heard of one guy who jumped out a second floor window), I wouldn't worry about it at all. When I'm anxious about something, I start talking in my sleep and acting out my dreams. I'll wake up and I"m trying to keep the ceiling from falling on me or something (we have dormers in our bedroom so the ceiling slants down over the bed).
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DS, almost 20 mos, talks in his sleep a lot. SOmetimes he sits up in bed as well. He is very mobile at night! We bedshare and I always think it is cute that he will say "ball!" in his sleep. I think he has said "bubble" before and maybe 1 other thing, but "ball" is most common. Can you tell what his favorite toy ever ever is?
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My son talks in his sleep, usually about whatever happened shortly before falling asleep . . . like if he was asking for a snack and told "no," he'll ask for the same snack in his sleep. One time, he counted to eight, and a few times, he's just said random things. It creeps me out, but only because it's so unexpected. He laughs in his sleep sometimes, too, but that makes me grin.
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Originally Posted by Jessy1019 View Post
He laughs in his sleep sometimes, too, but that makes me grin.
My dd has laughed really hard in her sleep a few times. I love it! I'll ask her in the morning what she was dreaming about, but she can never remember.
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My two year old ds talks in his sleep almost every night. Most of the time, he's telling his sister to stop, but just the other night he said, "No mom, don't give it to Goodwill!"

I think I may have taken the decluttering too far.
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My 3 yo DD does that; usually it's within an hour or 2 after going to bed. She will say "No, Dada" or "No Mama, I don't want to" and sometimes she will cry too. Generally it doesn't wake her up, though sometimes we will go to comfort her and have a conversation with her while I am certain she is asleep. I don't have any concerns about it. She's always with me and since she is 3 those are words I do tend to hear from her awake self on a regular basis too.
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Originally Posted by olliepop View Post
My two year old ds talks in his sleep almost every night. Most of the time, he's telling his sister to stop, but just the other night he said, "No mom, don't give it to Goodwill!"

I think I may have taken the decluttering too far.
That's too funny!

My 4yo used to talk in his sleep nearly every night, and it was the cutest thing. "Ooooh, ice cream!" My 2yo is still pretty much nonverbal, but the other night I heard him mumbling, "chugga chugga choo choo!"
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My 4 yo talks like crazy in his sleep and says some funny things! Why I can't think of what he's said ATM, I don't know, but he makes DH and I (and DD when she hears) crack the heck up! Just random, silly things he talks about in his sleep.
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I talk in my sleep a lot. dd talks in her sleep and has even sleep walked once or twice. That is eerie because she sort of makes sense until you realize that she's just not tracking anything you're saying.

I wouldn't worry. For me, I know I talk more in my sleep when I'm overtired or when I'm stressed. (I've been known to scream out in my sleep.) It's always associated with very vivid dreams for me, so I suspect that's what's going on my dd as well.
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My DD is almost 4 yrs old and she does this almost nightly. Mostly it sounds like she is fighting with her brother. It does startle me awake when she screams out of the blue.
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My 4 year talks in her sleep and will sometimes yell too. It happens during the first hour and a half of sleep. I just rub her back and tell her it's ok usually. Sometimes it's so quick she's back to sleeping soundly before there's time to react.
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Hey everyone,
thanls for the feedback. She started it again the other night. She usually doesn't answer me when I ask her what she doesn't want to do, but last night she told me "I don't want to, I don't want to.....wear that dress." HAHA!
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