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Need your good thoughts

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Hi All,

My DS (3yo) is going into surgery today to get some testicular tumours removed. They were found on Tuesday and are coming out today.

Looking for good thoughts to come his way.


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keeping you and him in my thoughts and prayers today.
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(((Hugs))) My 5 yo had surgery a couple of months ago and the anticipation was the worst part. I hope that this turns out to be the case for you and that the tumors are removed and all is well.
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: Many positive thoughs coming your way!!
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Thinking of you and Joey today!

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Only healing and positive vibes your (and your DS's) way!

Be strong, mama!
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Good thoughts are with you and your son, I hope he is okay. So scary.
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thinking of you and your LO!
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Thanks all, DS is home and the surgery went as well as it could. The tumours are considered benign at this time but the full pathology will be back next week.

He is in some pain but managable. Next week will be spent doing 'quiet activity', we'll see how long that lasts!
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wishing all the best to you in this delicate time. i also have a 3yo, and i totally understand how tough it must be on you! my other ds, born 9/8/9 had surgery at 6 weeks for a hernia- some of the roughest time of my life having to watch him endure that much pain. all of my good, loving energy sent your way!
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So glad the surgery went well, will be thinking positive thoughts for a quick recovery and good path. report
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