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DANG ITS COLD HERE!!! Abq December Thread !!!

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There is entirely too much communication going on. I cant keep track of Here and Facebook !!!

Kids are making me breakfast....eek. But its so sweet.

ASF- I will look I might have a potty seat for the regular toliet.

Its so cold. We are supposed to get outdoor pictures taken of the kids this afternoon at 3p when we have it scheduled. The high will be 32-34 degrees. Would you still do it? I'd rather just stay in bed....
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Forget whether I would do it, doularn -- my kids would downright refuse.

AF cramps are making me a beast.

Need to start our school day, toodles!
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I would do it but then I'm all about pictures.

So the delivery guys came but with the wrong washer, so they think I can still get mine by the end of the day.

Elm, nothing exciting it just decided mid way through a load that there was no point in living any longer, and given it's age we were told there was no point in trying to fix it. This was Tuesday, so the laundry is really piling up.
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We did the pics, it was cold but not too bad. They did pretty good we got a solid hour out of them, really almost an hour and a half before the first meltdown.

C is at my friend's house for the weekend while I work. She was so completely excited about her "double sleepover" and so sure that she did not need me. Hope that she keeps that all weekend...
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I hope she has fun at her double sleepover!

Eman's, that stinks!
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doularn - i have enough potties now - thanks though
i hope C does great this weekend.

I have no idea how i am going to get it together to study for finals next week. I am just feeling too sleepy and yucky and am minimum functioning.
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ASF- You will, cause you do amazing stuff.

I am off to work..
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Two nights wow.

So D is so cute, this morning we wake up and he says "have we caught up enough on laundry to get M out of these diapers and into the real ones again".
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Too funny, emans. So how do you like the new machine? I can't wait until we get our new fridge this coming week!
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New washer, new fridge, I am envious (just not about the damaged house part!)

The OT evaluation went good so far. We will find out more next week if they want to evaluate her more or if she can get services there. Hopefully we will have good news then... They seemed pretty nice there.
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Hope you get good news, Blue!

Also, just gotta say that I have no idea why N is so dang skinny. . he eats like a frickin' horse! So we went to Red Robin this afternoon and we knew from experience that we better order N his own meal (last time he nearly ate my entire chicken sandwich!). He ate EVERYTHING! All 3 pieces of grilled chicken, all the mandarin oranges, and a few french fries on top of it. Heck, we didn't have to start ordering E her own stuff until she was like 3.5 since she ate so little sharing was no big deal. Last night I made hamburgers for dinner and he ate 2 smallish patties (at least a 1/4 lb total), a bunch of fries, a handful of tomatoes. The kid can really put it away. And yet, he's completely off the growth curve. Oh well, I'm tryin' not to worry about it. He clearly doesn't have any issues eating (or pooping), so all I can guess is that he's so dang active and has a high metabolism he's just burning everything he takes in.

And on another good note, just this past week he starting saying "mama". Ah, I love it! And he says all of the ILs dogs' names. And he is learning is body parts, both the words and locations, those sometimes he gets "eye" and "ear" mixed up. And he calls his nose "no", which is cute. I still don't think he's gonna have 50 words by age 2, but at least he's starting to say something.
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yay N!
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Yay n!
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Yeah N, I still don't have to order E his own meal.

Blue glad you got some answers. Who got a new fridge? We are just replacing the back half of the house
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FYI - crocs outlet is having a sale - it is buy one get one half off and free shipping - they had princess mammoths and tinkerbell maryjanes
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Ack! I can't spend more money right now, but the kids need new crocs!

Parents' visit went surprisingly well and they even stayed a day longer than I expected.

Met with the dog trainer yesterday, and I'm starting to feel more hopeful. But it's going to be a lot of work. Ugh. We should have gotten a puppy...
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Yay N!

COMommy, glad the visit went well. Good luck with the dog trainer.
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So I just spent $160 on M&M's for Christmas. Getting 26 1/2lb bags of different colored M&M's is expensive! But at least Senor Murphy's is cheaper than m&m.com! And I didn't have to pay shipping!
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what are you doing with the m&m's?

your bil is apparently a cool guy and lets the mensa group have 1/2 price apps for their meetings there
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They'll go on top of the presents. We try to add an extra to the top but usually don't get around to it, but this year we managed. Plus, everyone loves M&M's! My niece K is getting some sour gummy worms instead because I think she'll enjoy licking them.

My BIL? At the restaurant? They have some good apps (and good burgers, yum.)
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