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benefits of breastfeeding 2 year old...

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(X posted on toddlers)

I was wondering if breastfeeding 2 year old provided any immunity benefits. I know it provides emotional comfort, etc. And I can't think of any other way to sleep at night except for BF and cosleep with 22 month old DS....

My family thinks I'm crazy....but until he seems to want to wean...I just BF him at night mostly! Thanks
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seems to me that I've read that antibody levels and fat content are higher in the milk of moms with toddlers. Makes sense since they are up and around and being exposed to more germs and also don't always stop to eat (hence the higher fat content). I have 4 kids that I nursed into toddlerhood and none of them had an ear infection until they had weaned (and each has had one ear infection and 2 have had two or 3 total). They hardly ever miss school due to illness either (although my teenager is now down with mono) and I am pretty sure that nursing for 2 or 3 or 4 years has a lot to do with that.

(mom to 17, 14, 12 and 8 year old)
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Check this out. I have heard that the immunity benefits are debatable, but there's no doubt about nutritional benefits, among other things.
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YES! A child's immune system isn't developed until they're about 3.
Ironically, I've even seen this fact used in formula ads, to try to persuade parents to keep using "special" formula/powdered milk rather than regular cow's milk...
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This article actually says it isn't developed until 4 or 5...

Given that the natural age of weaning varies individually from 2.5 - 7 years of age, I wonder if it isn't all tied in...that one of the reasons for not needing breastmilk any more is that the immune system in that particular child has developed enough to not need the immunological support...just musing...
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Sounds like your family needs to be offered some bean dip
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DS1 didn't get sick until my milk dried up when PG when he was 31 months old. I have no doubt his BFing kept illness at bay. Since he's weaned he's been sick several times.
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My LO turned 2 in July & has never been sick... still BF @ night too.
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