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Midwife reccomendations in the Orlando (LBV) area?

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i'm moving to florida in a few weeks, we will be living in orlando, lbv to be exact.
i am also 6.5ish months pregnant (due in march)

i was wondering if anyone had any good midwife recommendations? i dont want to drive more than a half hour TOPS for appointments (or to the hospital if that is needed)

it can be homebirth, birth center, CNM with hospital privileges, etc.

im really looking for ANYTHING at this point.

did you use anyone you loved, know someone who loved their midwife, etc.
what insurance did they take? did they take medicaid? paid out of pocket?

i'm hoping for a homebirth- but i understand that circumstances may not allow it to be, so i'm completely okay with a hospital birth.. with a CNM.

i'm also okay with the other end and may end up UCing if i can't find anyone i am comfortable with and can take me on with 2 months left in my pregnancy!

you can pm me if you dont want to leave experiences here, but any contact info would be great!
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www.H2HBirthCenter.com does home, birth center and Hospital. I had my last two at home with Michelle. Here are my birth stories. To many wonderful things to say about them. PM if you have any questions. They take ins and medicaid.
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My favorite midwife is Kelli Johnson. She has attended 3 of my HBAC's

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Just to let you know, Florida licensed midwives can take insurance and medicaid.

Jennie Joseph at The Birth Place is another LM in the area. Enjoy your birth!
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Another shout out for Kelli! She was MW for #2!
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I highly recommend Virginia Wittebort . She is just awesome! Her website is Essence of Childbirth and her number is 321-388-7149
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wait! Fl. Mw's can take Medicade?!? Does that mean you have to birth in a "facility", or does it actualy cover the birth at the house?
HOLY COW!! My last HB was illegal! LOL big change in 10 yrs and 2 states I guess!
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Medicaid covers homebirth!
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Another CHEER for Jennie Joseph (www.thebirthplace.org). I've had both of my kids at her practice, with different midwives. Jennie actually "assisted" my last birth, (well, I showed up there at 9cm so . . .) which was a great privilege. I love her And medicaid paid for the whole thing, yahoo! PM me if you have any questions!

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I third the recommendation for Kelli Johnson. I just had a baby with her 12 days ago. She's awesome.

If you do decide that you want or need a CNM, I like Susan Vaughen at Advanced Women's Health Specialists. Their office is in Lake Mary, they do births at South Seminole in Longwood.
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Jennie at The Birth Place takes Medicaid. Jennie really is wonderful -- so is the entire staff there.

I loved Robyn Mattox who was working there early on in my pregnancy but left to start her own homebirth practice -- you can google her.
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I just wanted to say thank you for reccomending Michelle @ H2H !! I had an interview with her Monday and I LOVE her already!
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Your WELCOME!! I'm glad you liked her. You will LOVE Kaleen and the staff too. Praying you have a healthy 9 months, a beautiful birth and a healthy baby!
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Diane Albright - she did my home birth this past August. She and her staff were AMAZING. I had was in labor for days - active labor by itself was 26 hours and the support I received was incredible.

Not only was I thrilled with my experience, but my father, who was skeptical about home birthing, now thinks that the only way to have your baby is to have it with her!

I have also heard great things about Jenni Joseph - we checked out The Birth Center when we were deciding, and went with Diane because we made the decision that we would rather be home than anywhere else.
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Thanks Donna!
I have met Rebeca and Michelle so far, I have my first appmnt with her on monday

I am really looking fwd to this birth!
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I second the opinion about Diane Albright!!! I knew her when she was working at the Birthing Cottage. I've had 2 midwife assisted births here in FL.

Special Beginings is closed but was the best place as far as resources and staff in my opinion. But I also had one with Michelle at Heart 2 Heart. For me living south of LBV it took 60mins driving well over 90mph to get to H2H in time.

Diane is awesome and she delivers either in your house or in Westgate Resort or another resort if it suits you. She truly is amazing sweet and well versed and competent! She's been delivering babies for so long and has a sterling record!

:j oy
Welcome to FL and congratulations on your new babe on the way!:j oy
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Kelli Johnson!!

She attended my birth of dd2 and just watched her in real action with my sister's lonnnng labor on Tuesday/Wednesday of this week (she was only at my house 32 mins before my baby flew out lol!) She is wonderful.

I had white coat hypertension in my pregnancy with dd2 and Alice at the birthing cottage was telling me she was going to send me to an OB. I KNEW I did not have real high blood pressure. I just did not feel safe. Started going to Kelli and lo and behold, after a couple visits my bp was perfect.
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just realized how old this thread was lol. Hope you are having a great pregnancy!
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