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Hypnobabies MP3s?

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I have a question for those ladies using hypnobabies.

I have just bought my first MP3 player to use at the hospital. However, I cannot access the Hypnobabies site from my home computer. This isn't a big deal since I can do it at my parents house (and have some help from my more tech-savy stepfather.)

What I am wondering is whether there is some code or something I need to access the MP3s, or what? I don't want to arrive at their place and have to come back for something I've forgotten.

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DDC Crashing- Do you have the cds? I just put them on my ipod.
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ddc crashing also to add to pp comment...

I put my CD's into my home computer and transferred the files onto my MP3 player. It can be a bit confusing depending on your mp3 player, but most of them walk you through the process of getting a CD onto the player.

Hope that helps!

(ps-the mp3 one's on the hypnobabies website, you purchase and are allowed to download them straight from the site instead of getting the CD's sent to you-so they will likely charge you extra if you want them from the site-and still have to download them to your computer then onto your mp3 player)
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I just put the CDs on my computer ('ripped' them in Windows Media Player) and the put them on my mp3 player (also using windows media player). How you do it will vary depending on the mp3 player, but you should be able to do it using the CDs, assuming you have them.
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