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James birth story

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Hi all,

I was due on November 18, but I developed HELLP syndrome and had the baby on October 17. It's a long story, but I've posted it on my blog at:


Scroll down to get to Part 1, Birth of James.
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Wow, what an ordeal! I'm sorry things didn't pan out the way you wanted. It sounds like you had a ton of support (sweet DH) which is a huge help when things go off course. Recovery from a c/s is awful, but (not knowing much about HELLP) VBAC is an option for you, I hope!

Your LO was so tiny! How is he now? Congratulations on making it through such a rocky start, it couldn't have been easy. I hope things are going great for you now!
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Congrats on your babe!!
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Congrats on your baby- what a crazy ordeal.
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wow that was one crazy birth mama. I am happy all is well with you and your little man
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I read your story, and congratulations! You went through Heck and back, and I hope you are feeling better now. You are not crazy for wanting a homebirth, and you had no idea that you would develop HELLP. So I like how you wrote that "everything happened the way it was supposed to." Because it did! Every one of us knows about the risks, and we are all happy that the hospital is there in case we might need it. Thank goodness everything turned out well for you in the end!
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