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Finally had my baby!

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Anniston Claire arrived Friday 12/4/2009 at one day shy of 43 weeks pregnant (so for those worried about being pregnant forever IT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!!!) She was 7lbs 12ozs and 20 1/2in... a peanut for being so early. I am in LOVE
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'a peanut for being so early' that's the sleep deprivation talking!
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Wow, congratulations! This just proves that 40 weeks is only an estimate, and babies can come before, after, and everywhere in between. You did great, and enjoy your new sweet little girl!
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Congrats to you!!!!!
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Yay congrats mamma!! Enjoy your sweet baby girl!
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Congrats to you
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Congrats and kudos to you for hanging in there for almost 43 Weeks!
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what a tiny one for almost 43 weeks! I guess she was just on time then and not late!
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Congratulations!! Wow what a little one for almost 43 weeks. She certainly came when she was ready. Enjoy your little one!
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