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I have a boil on my butt, what the heck??

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I think it's a boil

Yesterday I kept noticing a sore spot on my 'cheek' but I forgot to check it out and during the night I woke up in pain with it so I went to the bathroom to look.

It's like a silver dollar sized circle, red, hot to the touch, with a white center like a pimple and it HURTS like heck.

How do I get rid of this thing??? I asked my husband if he wanted to see it and he laughed his head off and said NO. It's all yours.

I just took some tylenol and put a warm wet wash cloth on it, but it is so sore to the touch and I don't think I can wear clothes against it today.

Please help me help my butt!
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Can you squeeze it? I know I would be trying!
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I'm afraid too LOL honestly, if this was on my child I would be at the doctors so fast, but I really don't want to go in for me, I don't even think I can get dressed today because of it.
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To me, that sounds like a pilonidal cyst, and yes, you should go in! You can google that and get some more info.
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I had a hot shower, the middle of it is bulging (the white part) I think it is ready to come out, I hurt too much to get dressed to go to the doctor and plus I would have to take my two boys and I am not in the mood for that. I don't think I can even sit comfortably to drive. Maybe if I can get my DH to come home early I can go to the walk in clinic.

It is throbbing right now, I feel like it's going to blow up like something from a Alien movie.
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I have HS so am kind of an expert on boils and such...

You can buy some boil ease, it will make it hurt less, but personally, I would open it up and let it drain. A tiny pin prick in the white part will usually explode it (it's under pressure so be careful) It will start to feel better about 2 minutes after you get it open. Put some TTO on it once it's open.

Pilonidal cysts occur on the tailbone and usually require medical assistance to drain, but since it is part of my HS as well, I have managed to drain mine at home.

Hope you feel better soon.
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Sometimes (not always) those cysts are from a hair or similar infected with staph (which we all carry on our skin). When/if you drain it make sure you don't spread any bacteria.
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I soaked in again in the bath tub, my poor boys are wondering what the heck is wrong with Mom today, I am in so much pain I can't nurse I don't want to be near them, I am terrified they are going to bump into it. I just had a bathrobe on and I am keeping the fabric away from touching it.

My sister is coming over at 4 to look after the boys so I can get to the doctors. I swear this is worse than labor LOL
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My sister is here to look after my boys and I am off to the clinic, wish me luck.

I put a loose skirt on, no underwear and I am dying of embarrassment.
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That sounds sooo painful. I've never had a boil that bad before. I hope your doctor appointment goes well.
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I've had luck with tea tree oil, but yeah, if it hurt that much, I'd be going in too! Good luck!
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Thanks everyone, I am home again and feeling better, the doctor lanced it and gave me antibiotics, says it should be okay in a few days, I am to keep it clean and covered with some gauze. What an adventure, one day you are fine the next can't sit down lol
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