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So, I decided to get the prenatal Rhogam shot, after a lot of thinking. When I got to the birth center, they gave me a different brand, called RhoPhylac. I had never heard of it before! Here's the website - http://www.rhophylac.com/

It's supposed to be preservative-, latex-, and thimerosal-free, which is nice. But how did I miss knowing about this, when I've been digging up all the info I can on Rhogam for years? Has anyone else gotten this brand, or have any experience with it? I guess it's pretty much the same as Rhogam...
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I'm wondering the exact same thing about anyone else receiving it...?

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Thanks for sharing the link... I had not heard of it, but I haven't been pregnant in 5 years.

My main objections to the rhogam shot are not the preservatives but rather that it is made from human blood. This new one is too, of course.

I am rh- and DH is +. We will eldon card the baby at birth but unless the birth is traumatic, we won't consider the shot.
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That's what I'm considering, too. And not getting it prophylactically around 28 weeks.

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