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I'm also looking and willing to drive!
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Several families here at school, and several friends would love a party-- will drive. We're in E OK/ W AR. Some of us are just N of Paris TX. Will travel and share amongst ourselves if needed.

Thanks for this thread.

Did anyone here actually get pox from a party, recently?
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Sorry-- just looked at your location-- maybe I should start a similar thread in my area, LOL. Thanks anyway.
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bump off page 3
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Where has all the chicken pox gone?!?!
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First there's not a whole lot of chicken pox to be found, unfortunately. But second, chicken pox tends be be seasonal. Sure you can catch chicken pox at any time of the year, but outbreaks are more common in the spring months.
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I think usually more February/March
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I am north of Kansas City, MO. I am searching for anyone with chicken pox, that could mail (triple bagged in like a ziploc or something) a shirt that your LO has been wearing (unwashed) or a blanket/small towel that they have 'snuggled' with (also unwashed). You can message me if you can help in any way. Thank you so much.
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bumping looking for my 2yr old ds
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bumpity bump bump.  is there someway to get notifications thru email on just this thread?

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nevermind, I see the link at the bottom  redface.gif

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We're just north of Boston and my kids were exposed on friday (my niece had a def confirmed case!  YIPPEE!).  We should know in a couple of weeks if it stuck.  I have a whole bag of lollypops ready for a playdate!

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keep us posted, Fyrebloom... crossing fingers!

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I exposed mine 11 days ago.  Nothing yet.  Confirmed case.  Toothbrush through the mail.  Still crossing fingers.  Will update if anything comes up.

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A friend just informed me about tribes and this thread. I am hoping to find a pox party. She will be three at the end of this month.


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Oops! And forgot to mention. We live in Cambridge and willing to travel.


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WE HAVE IT!  My 5 year old broke out this am!!  We're in Medford MA and if you want to playdate let me know and I'll PM you my phone number (I have very limited access to internet). 

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Oh My!  We are in South Hadley and would love to take a drive for a playdate!!  Hopefully you aren't getting to inundated with requests...



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I have already exposed my sons a few times, but they have not gotten it. I would love to find people who have it too and try again. I am not in your area though.

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