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we would really like to come for a play date. we live in SE CT. please PM me!

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Hi: We live in Cambridge and have a daughter turning three at the end of the month. We would love to talk to you about trying to get her exposed.

Please contact me!




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We would love to come for a playdate also!



PS  I *think* I PMed you also- it was my first attempt at sending a PM!

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Please put me on your PM list, if you're not overwhelmed.  Thank you!

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I PM'd you but don't know if it came through... please let me know if we can come over!  :)

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Hi ebferris, we live in Belchertown and would be grateful to know if your kids are successful in getting the CP and if you would be willing to meet after if they do.  We would love to avoid the vaccine.


"Oh My!  We are in South Hadley and would love to take a drive for a playdate!!  Hopefully you aren't getting to inundated with requests...



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Hi lookin4sun,

I realized we are going out of town right when the pox would start so we are going try for the next round...I'll keep you posted if i hear anything in our area though!



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anyone else have it right now? *fingers crossed

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bumping this up.  hopefully someone was able to take advantage of the recent pox opportunity. 

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My dd is on day 7/8 post exposure.  Will keep the group posted.

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Round two!  My twins have it now!  I have internet now so feel free to PM me.  I'm thinking this weekend for playdates.  I'm 95% sure Fiona has it (she have one but it's a blister) and Willow has a couple of red dots but no blisters.  I'll know for certain 100% in the AM i'm sure :). 

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how far north of Boston are you Lucia?  I have to work tomorrow morning but I have all Sunday off and am wiilling to travel.

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Hi, I just joined mothering.com  for this very purpose!!! I am new, so what does PM mean as in PM me or I PMed you? Also, where are all the kids with the chicken pox located? I am in CT 20 minutes east of Hartford near the Mass line. It would be ideal for my kids to get them in a few weeks....

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PM stands for private message.  Welcome to MDC!

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So the twins are peaking right now and really not feeling well so I don't think we'll be doing any additional playdates.  Hopefully there will be some more cases soon from other families :)

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I am almost certain that my little one is starting to get the pox (Thanks Lucia for the awesome exposure).  It's all just small (really small) red dots, one is just beginning to blister.  I should be able to tell by tomorrow if it's the pox for sure and not just some strange little rash (but really I've been through 2 kids having CP I know what it looks like really early on).


I don't know if anyone is willing to drive in this horrible storm for a pox party. We live in Holliston, MA for anyone contemplating it.



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We live in Belchertown, MA...would like my girls to get the CP after the 13th of Feb.  so the timing doesn't seem quite right for an exposure at this moment.  if anyone gets it in the next two weeks, I'll be on the lookout for a playdate. 

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Pretty sure dd1  (5) has them too.  Thank you Lucia!!!!   She's got a couple of  classic blisters and a couple of scabs.  But, she's not complaining much about them itching?  


We're open to play dates but, things are a little crazy - dd2 is has a bad cold and is teething ( but doesnt have pox.)  One of my dogs is sick and I'm waiting for dh to get home to take her to the ER.  So PM me and I will respond as soon as I can but it might not be immediately.


We're in one of the Boston burbs - closer into town than Bemommy


my dogs are family members - I put them away when we have kids coming over so they can be in peace but if you have any allergies, um, you might not want to visit.  my housekeeping standards are pretty lax these days ;-)

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YAY!  So glad to hear it took!  My littlest apparently is just starting now and the little rash he had before must have been something else.  He's getting some big blisters around his face now.  So much for them getting them all at once!  One more week of Pox hades (it's actually not that bad, but i've been housebound for a MONTH now because of the darned things!  ARGH!!!)  FTR It took 15 days for Elliott, 14 days for the twins (assuming earliest possible exposure... 3 days prior to Elliott breaking out) and 19 days for Malcolm (assuming the same).

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