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Yes, I'm definite that dd has them.  Though her case is super mild.  Very few pox, small and slow to emerge.  Trying to take pictures to document for our pedi, hoping to get the case confirmed by him maybe today, possibly tomorrow.  One of the pox is on the cusp of bursting.

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Doberbrat- Glad the cp-fairy finally visited you. 


Hope everyone had mild-just good enough cases.


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Keep an eye on it Be, My girls started very very mild and then exploded with a ton of them on days 4 and 5.  Hoping you're right and it's a mild case for her.

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Yes Lucia, I'm thinking it might go the way it is for your twins.  On day 3-4 here and she's woke to a big crop of them on her neck.  A couple have burst but none have crusted over yet (that's the last thing my pedi is waiting to see).  I find it really interesting that (as of yet) she hasn't gotten more than one possible small one on her entire face.


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we need pox! anyone up for sharing??

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My two kids were just exposed today.  So...in two weeks hopefully I will be posting that we have them here.  (I'm just north of Boston)


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Doberbrat- Glad the cp-fairy finally visited you. 


Hope everyone had mild-just good enough cases.


Ha Ha isnt that the truth.  I guess 5th time was the Charm!



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we need pox! anyone up for sharing??

We're sort of in a weird place. We lost our beloved bratty doberman on Tuesday night very suddenly.   But, we certainly need to pay it foward so to speak so pm me if you like.  I'm also expecting that the baby will have to come down with it over the next few days/weeks.  I'd hoped (counted on??) that they'd get it simultaneously but no such luck.

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If anyone is interested in an exposure.  DD''s case was cnfirm yesterday.  Today is the only day that works.  If anyone is willing to drive to Holliston.



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I would love to expose DS tomorrow, if anyone still has it! My DD has already had it and I want to get this out of the way before a trip in April! (As that will rpobably be the time when more people have it and I can't saddle my parents with the kids and have one of them sick to boot!) Please let me know! ~Natasha

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bemommy: Argh! We missed our chance. We were just north of you yesterday.

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lurk.gifHoping it comes further north but I would be willing to come down to North of Boston if I had to.  He just weaned so maybe 5th or 6th time will be the charm???praying.gif



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I was thinking that dd would no longer be contagious come tomorrow (Monday), but I'm thinking that she might be (she woke with a whole bunch of new ones this morning that have not yet blistered).


If anyone wants a pox playdate tomorrow you can PM me.

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I have a full box of Rite Aid brand oatmeal bath that is unopened if anyone wants/needs it.  Let me know.  We're DONE with the pox finally!

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Bumping in hopes the love has spread!

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I'm anxiously awaiting to see if the baby gets them ..... so far, nothing but creamy perfect skin ;)

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I am finally sure that dd has them. slow to show over the past couple of days, but we have a count of over 15!!... very pox looking tho. But because the hubby has never had them, dd and i moved back in w my parents. he will go back to work monday morning, so dd and i can go back to our house and have playdates if anyone is interested, but i have to work that evening, so only morning time. tue am, we're available too. i know this kinda limits the time, but if anyone is interested, pm me. we live in new london, southeastern CT. 

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4 tries and we finally have it! DD has blossomed with almost 100 spots. Thank you, Lucia!


We want to pay it forward and are open to lollipop playdates today and tomorrow. We are in Lynn, MA... PM me if you want to coordinate something.


Please note: unfortunately you may be getting pox germs AND cold germs from my DD, as she had a doozy of a cold last week. She still has a cough, so I just wanted to be upfront about that since so many colds and flus seem to be going around right now.

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So how much love has been spread in the past week or so???  Hoping for more pox in the coming weeks!  I am hoping to infect DD this week.  Or next week..or the week after!  I just have to get her infected to infect my others! :)  So I am hoping POX is on the loose again!love.gif

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Hi!! I am hoping to infect my kids this year!! Am limited in travel, but would be able to shoot over to New London !  However if I have missed the contagious time limit, please let me know if there is more pox in CT.  (my hubby works full time, I go to school full time, and our kids are kids full time, doesn't leave much free time yk ;-)  thanks!!!



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We got a fantastic exposure today! Fingers crossed the pox will make a comeback on the south shore in 14 days!!!
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