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OK folks.  Yellow alert here.  14 days after exposure in Hull our 6 year old is coughing hard enough to wake her up and make her gag.  She seems a bit warm and has some red spots behind her ears.  Will have to take a closer look in the light of day but this might be it.

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I have an appointment at 2:40 today to see what is going on.  If this is the pox, it is a very mild case.  We were up in Maine and everyone was getting bitten by bugs so I thought they were just bug bites.  In retrospect I think the 3 year old had ONE pox.  (pock?  what is the singular form of pox?)  And the 6 year old has actually had one vaccination shot so I wasn't expecting her to get it.  But now she has about 15 bumps on her back and neck.  Plus coughing and tummy pain and headaches.  Will keep you all posted.



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Well the doc says it is a definite maybe. Wants to see more developed spots. The good news is that the things that I thought were bug bites actually were bug bites. So she may be just in the first stages of an outbreak. If anyone wants to visit, PM me. We are just outside of providence RI.
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RI is a little far for me.  I'm hoping someone might bring them a little closer to Western MA?  I've now exposed my son 4 times and he still hasn't gotten them. Very frustrating.

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Looking for Chicken Pox in CT as well!!

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Looking for chicken pox in RI, will travel

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Any pox around the Boston area by chance???

We missed the spots down in Hull, but thought maybe there could still be some being passed around from that...

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I am also looking for chicken pox, located in NH Lakes Region, will drive to northern Mass...

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Please PM me so I can catch any pox going around.  Will travel from nyc.  Thank you.

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Just bumping this issue up.  Any pox anywhere???  Would love to hear from anyone who is interested in sharing - anywhere near Providence, Boston, Cape Cod.  Thanks so much.

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Bumping up...  Looking for chicken pox in the southeastern MA area / RI.  Keep us in mind please!  Thank you and happy holidays!

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we are also looking for chicken pox- in south mid ma! will travel to the cape, western ma, boston, southern nh, northern ct and ri!

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We have the chicken pox biggrinbounce.gif  We were exposed through friends exactly 14 days ago..


First day of spots for my almost 7 DD and almost 4 DS.....baby who is almost 1 is fine right now..


More than happy to share...


We are on the seacoast of NH.


PM me..




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Can't make it to NH, but if it moves south to RI or CT, I would love to expose my two kids.  I'll be keeping a watch on this thread!!!

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another fresh round of pox at my house! this time my one year old thumb.gif


it's her birthday too....spots plus a new molar today ROTFLMAO.gif


we are in exeter, nh...one hour north of boston...


get in touch if you'd like!





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another fresh round of pox at my house! this time my one year old thumb.gif


it's her birthday too....spots plus a new molar today ROTFLMAO.gif


we are in exeter, nh...one hour north of boston...


get in touch if you'd like!






I am in southern CT, but I used to live by the NH border of MA and I know where exeter is.  I might consider traveling.  How do I get in touch with you?  I am still unsure how to fully take advantage of these connections.

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Thanks Babymoonbeam for having us to play! The timeline seems to indicate that we should know in 14 days whether it was successful. For those interested in travelling to Kingston, NH if we get it, you can PM me your number and I will let you know if/when we see spots. I know I usually manage to check in a day late and miss the playdates, so I don't want that to happen to you too!!

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No spots yet :( Day 14 was yesterday. I hoped DS might show spots this am, but nothing again. I guess we have another "no go" on our hands :(


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