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Hudson Valley NY person here looking too---will travel for pox!


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We're also on the lookout for the pox ---  We live on the North Shore of Boston and we're willing to travel.

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My mother-in-law has the shingles.  We are watching and waiting to see if we get an active case.  *fingers crossed*

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Thank Sweetmilo--we'll be waiting too!  Where are you geographically?

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so far nothing, I'm in Southern CT, perhaps a couple more weeks and something will show up

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Thanks!  I believe the incubation period is 10-21 days...

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Nothing  :(  however I just saw a post that someone has the pox in maine!  That's too far for me, but maybe someone could take a run up there and bring them on down??  :)

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Just trying to bump this up.  Come on chicken pox!!

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There's pox in Vermont right now -- check out the VT, NH, Maine tribe. 

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Anyone know of a thread for CP in MA, CT or RI??!!  I have posted to the VT, NH, ME sites as suggested but unfortunately heard nothing.  I would be ever so grateful for any information that anyone has!!!  Thank you!!!

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POX in Scarborough, Mainejoy.gif!!  My friend's 4 year old was exposed at daycare and yesterday morning a few red dots appeared.  He's gotten a few more today and they haven't started crusting over.  She's not on Mothering..yetwinky.gif, but would love to host some pox parties and she will be mostly home tomorrow and Thursday.  If you're interested please PM me and I'll give you her cell.  We're getting some pox exposed stuff tomorrow from her and will be visiting with her Thursday around 3 if anyone wants to join us then.


Woohoo, this better be the one!!


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You might want to reconsider posting her phone # on here. Were I you, I would only give the # to established Mothering members through pm. She might get harassing calls from people who disagree with pox parties.
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Please do not post personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.  We have no control over people who crawl boards looking for information like this, and would hate for you to be harassed.  


Only exchange personal info via PM. 

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Whoops, ugh, too trusting I am!  Thanks for the warnings and reality checkoops.gif!



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OOh!! we want them here in the Waterbury CT area!! I'm willing to drive a little too. we have a whole group down here who want it. And I have a friend in Portland, ME. is scaborough anywhere near there?

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Sorry, missed seeing your reply:(.  Yes, Portland is about 3 minutes from Scarborough, close enoughwinky.gif??  The case from last week is over but we've got 2 kiddos from 2 different families that might be showing up with it soon.  One has had a low grade fever the last couple of days so keep fingers crossed!  Will post when we see pox!



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My son has the chicken pox.  We live in North Haven, CT.  He seems fine except for the bumps everywhere.  I wasn't expecting it....so I didn't see it until today.  none of them have turned into scabs yet, so I'm guessing he's still contagious??  Let me know if you are interested.

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We'd be very excited if we could come for a visit. Thanks so much for offering. I know we cannot exchange addresses on this forum, but I would be grateful if you could contact me back so that we could connect. Or please let me know some other way of reaching you. We are in MA.


Thanks again


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As an additional note, I can't send PMs yet because I am a new member so I can't reach out to you. Thanks Eska

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Yeah I can post PMs now...but have not heard back ..has anyone else had any luck reaching out? Thanks

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