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Anyone Have Chicken Pox? - Page 16

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we exposed our kiddos last thurs. fingers crossed we're poxy and contagious in the next few days! Ill be back to let you know!!

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Let us know!

We're willing to travel from NYC for a playdate.

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any spots yet? How long does it usually take to start showing up?

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would be interested in a visit if they did get the pox.



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I'm in central CT... if anyone's up to share some pox soon!  :)  Have to plan this between doula clients and holidays!  lol.  We tried several years back, but no spots on either girl.  I suppose I should get their tieters (sp) done first?

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Any sign of the pox this time of year? thanks eska

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I'm in NJ looking for Chicken Pox. I'm willing to travel for a pox play date.

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Hi All!  New to this website... I just joined, yea!  


Anyway, I am also looking for CP in NJ....but will travel.  Have been looking on the site but it doesn't seem that its going to be easy to find a party in the North East.  Any advise?  


I could also go visit "grand mom" in Florida...any one know of anything there? 



mom of 2 kids (ages 6 n 4)

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FYI everyone, there is a "Chicken Pox Parties NYC Metro Area" page (or something like that).  It is private (so folks won't see that you're looking for pox).  Last year there were many cases and it was a great resource.  We welcome everyone!

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Is there something also for the Mass area? If so how did you find it?

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any pox out there?

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Chamsia - I just asked to join the fb page.  I didn't see a place where I could say that I heard about the group on Mothering.  My last (planned) baby is 7 months so I figure I should start keeping an eye out for pox .  I'm not sure he's old enough to get it given how much he's still nursing, but hoping to find something starting in the next 1-6 years.

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I asked to join as well.  Is the group definitely still active?  I also sent the moderator a note.

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Hi guys. The fb page is still active. I don't know who the moderator is.  If you don't hear back pm me here and I'll post about it.


Here's hoping for some pox soon!

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I also didn't seen anything new on the Mass FB page either. Any updates? thanks

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I'm looking for pox in MA. What is the Mass FB page?
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sg784, where are you geographically?  Thanks!

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In central CT here, and have been looking. Anyone have them in our area?

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Looking for chicken pox in central/southern mass.  I have been trying for YEARS; exposed my kids three times, blood work says they haven't had it, so I am going to give it a last shot.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We will travel.


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Feel free to pm me mama's.

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