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Anyone Have Chicken Pox? - Page 17

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Perhaps I was too subtle in my above post...we have chicken pox here in New Bedford, MA, which is in between Cape Cod and Providence on the South Coast of MA (not the south shore).


PM me for details if you'd like.

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Thank you for a wonderful get-together, Paige!  We were having such a good time that I completely lost track of the hour! Sorry about that.  We loved meeting you all and look forward to sharing some fun time together this summer (on the Cape perhaps?!).  Hugs to Toby, Comfort and Lucky!

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It was great meeting you all too!  Looking forward to any news and also hoping to see you and your lovlies on Cape.  Hope you had a nice dinner and easy ride back!

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I'm commenting on here so that I don't lose this post. We will be traveling home to central MA the very beginning of June and I have been trying for a long time to find someone with pox! Not a fun way to start our summer vacation, but I'll do what must be done. :) Bummed we aren't up there just yet, I'd totally take you up on that offer Paige! I'm hopeful that the virus will still be going around in a few short weeks. :)

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If we get any signs here, we will be sure to post.  If I remember correctly, Paige said that it took her little ones two weeks to break out.  We have been to a few gatherings thanks to the mothering.com community and I would be happy to return the favor.  Fingers crossed you all hear from us within two weeks!!! 

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Hello All, 

We MAY have something brewing here!!  My daughter has some curious spots that have appeared 13 days after exposure.  Fingers crossed.  We are in Franklin, MA and I will be sure to post tomorrow morning.  Send me a private message if I can provide any more info.


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And so does another little boy you know Cara, on Cape. 

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sorry mommas.  i think it's a false alarm here.  i think that it should have turned in to something more by now (??).  I will post if anything new happens.

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Awe, really Cara?  Well you still have time, it can be up to 21 days... The son of my friend who you met has it.   


Hope you all are well otherwise! 

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Not sure if it's too far, but if people are willing to travel...

We attended a chicken pox party last Sat and we're waiting with fingers crossed! IF we get symptoms we will be sharing BIG TIME. Depending on interest, we may even have multiple days of parties. We live near Ithaca, NY. Please fill out the following form if you are interested and we'll email you when we know for sure we have symptoms. If there are a ton of people from one area, we'll pick a few to bring it back to the others :)
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Posting to keep this thread alive.  Also, I'm in New Haven, CT.  Any other CT folks interested in keeping in-touch if something comes up?

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Am soooooooooooo looking for CP too.  Am from NY, but will travel any distance for the cause.  Any CP at all out there to help????????

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My kids were exposed to a shingles rash 13 days ago.  So if you are interested, keep an eye on this thread for the next few days.  

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TO:    GwensMom 2010:


Plllllllllllllease let me know if anything develops from this.  I am a new member, and have difficulty sometimes trying to figure out these threads, don't know why.

Am not that far from you, let me know either way what happens.  Thank you so much for posting.

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Just what I was coming here for! lurk.gif

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Still looking for Chicken Pox, willing to travel to any location.  Pllllllllllllllease let me know if anyone can help.


Mama J

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Day 16, no spots.  Its likely it did not take :(

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Still searching anywhere for Chicken Pox!!! Have until September, can anybody help us???

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We are also looking for pox in MA or surrounding areas. Thanks for your help!

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Have read a few success stories with pox parties on this forum.... that's encouraging smile.gif

PLEASE HELP. We have 4 kids and our oldest is 12. they need to get it before "adult onset cp"... that's horrible greensad.gif

We live in Southeastern Mass

Willing to travel to ME, CT, VT, NH or upstate NY

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