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This is an old thread but I will let you know - if smb is willing to take a New London - Orient Point ferry and come for a playdate with my kid in Orient, NY. SHE WAS DIAGNOSED WITH CHICKEN POX TODAY MORNING (got it from her cousin from New Jersey :). Contact me at epp.petrone@gmail.com

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This is too far for me, but thanks for sharing!  If you manage to pass it to someone in CT or NYC, I'd be interested.

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We have chicken pox in Plymouth, ma.
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Hi Twirlyfry-

Do you mean that your children have chicken pox or that you know of cases in Plymouth?


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I am desperately looking for pox!! Please Please let me know if anyone has them!

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Does Plymouth still have the pox? We are in MA and are looking for it too. Thanks


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My children have it smile.gif
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I am interested.  I'm in CT.  I will PM you.

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If folks bring it to "the mainland", please let us know.  I'm in the Hudson Valley and will travel 90 minutes...

Hope your child is as comfortable as possible whilst getting awesome immunity!  Thanks for sharing.

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GwensMom 2010, where in CT?  If you bring it to CT and are willing to share, please post here.  Thanks!!!

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hi. im having a really difficult time on this site rt now. maybe bc im mobile. im trying to pm twirlyfry but i keep getting an access denied message. i want the poxxxxx. ahhhhhh. im north of boston.
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Hello mama I would love to expose my kids (2 girls 3 yrs. & 14 mo.) to the pox. I am willing to travel. I am in Northern NJ. You can email me at SugaKiss81@yahoo.com. For whatever reason it won't let me pm you. TIA

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We did not end up exposing.  We couldn't make it to twirlyfry's before the cp had run its course.  Seems some other families in the Boston area may have picked up the strain so if they were successful, I'm still up for trying to move it west-ward.

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Gwensmom, if you know of anyone in the boston area, please let us know.  I'm in Boston and would love to know of anyone willing to play in the boston area.  

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We didn't make it out there in time either and are still looking in MA. We are near Boston too. Thanks!

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Ok, so apparently my son did not have chicken pox last month because he just woke up with spots today. My email is ecrooks15@gmail.com for anyone that is interested.
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Thanks for having us in your home yesterday, Twirlyfry!


My kids were exposed yesterday, Dec. 3. (1.5 hrs of playing together inside, a little bit of sharing whistles and harmonicas, a couple of mouth-to-nose swabs. 1st day of donor's rash) I am in New Haven, CT. If you are interested, PM me with your email address and location. Only families that have been in contact with me ahead of time will be invited.

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quoting from another post:



There is a group on Facebook that has members who try to chain the pox from state to state. There seems to be cases all the time. If your interested in exposure here is the link. They do screen members before allowing them to join. An Admin will add you before having you join. You can then remove them after they have screened you. This is a pretty active group with lots of information.





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I exposed my 3 to twirlyfry but no luck, then I exposed my 3 to another that got them from twirlyfry on the 11th and still nothing. I  live in Braintree MA and was hoping to know of more pox popping up! My email is Bureaumm@gmail.com and my cell is 617.750.1216 Thanks!!

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