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Almost 40 weeks & being pushed to do a c/s

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This has been an awful week! I'm 39w5d. The babies are breech/vertex and I've been showing more and more signs of pre-e. My BP has only gone over 140/90 once and is averaging 130/80, but I've got proteinuria. I feel like I'm in the middle of the perfect storm: twins, breech and pre-e. I'm being pushed to do a c/s, but from everything I've read the babies have equal outcomes and mothers have worse outcomes with c/s for each of these conditions. But how do I evaluate the risks with all three together?

My family is worried about what might happen to me if the pre-e gets worse. The stress around here has been so bad that I decided to give the babies the weekend to come on their own, otherwise I'd go in for the c/s. This morning I psyched myself up and tried to call the OB. I called twice, but couldn't get through to his voicemail. Then I called a few hours later and got him on the phone. When we were talking (I was trying to convince him to let me try to have these kids vaginally under his care, but he started pulling out the head entrapment bit) he got another call and told me he'd call back. It's been five hours and I haven't heard from him. Obviously, he doesn't consider my situation to be as dire as he says it is.

Has anyone else faced a similar situation? How did you deal with it? I know that most people would tell me that the c/s is the most responsible thing to do, but it does not feel right. I keep thinking that there's a reason these babies haven't come yet and that they're on their way.
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Mama. I don't have much to offer in terms of advice, but way to go on getting this far!!! I ended up with a c-section at 37 +1 (my water broke and baby A was footling breech...no option for vaginal delivery in my area). It's certainly a tougher recovery, but it's not the end of the world and the farther away from it I am the more at peace I am about the whole thing. Meeting your babies is really, really awesome, no matter how that may happen. I wish you peace in your decision making, I can't imagine how difficult it is.

Just think soon you will be holding two sweet babies
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Originally Posted by SuzyQ2+2 View Post
: Meeting your babies is really, really awesome, no matter how that may happen.

Congratulations on making it to almost 40 weeks! Most twin mamas don't get that far. No matter how they come into the world, it will be soon! I know you will make the best decision for all involved.

Good luck,
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Originally Posted by shahjehan View Post
Congratulations on making it to almost 40 weeks! Most twin mamas don't get that far.

Oh momma. What a situation. You've put your call in to talk to your OB. Now try to take some time to yourself and your babes. Have a cup of tea. Focus on your babes. You'll know what to do. Make up your mind and do it.

You've got our support whatever path you choose.
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If you can, take a DEEP tub bath with Epsom salts. That should help your BP. Also, plenty of a good cal/mag supplement and more water and good protein than you can stand. I pray that your sweet babes decide to make it out on their own. Please don't fear your breech baby. It really is a variation of normal.
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Thanks everyone. I would love to have these babies vaginally, breech or not. The trouble is that with twins and pre-e I've risked out of having a home birth and there's not a doctor in the state who will attend a vaginal birth of a breech Baby A for a first-time mom. They've been giving me the unproven pelvis/head entrapment BS.

It's been two weeks of hell here and I'm tired of fighting. My poor husband has been so good and supportive, but I just can't put myself, my babies or the rest of my family through this continuous stress. Today is the only day since before Thanksgiving that I haven't spent at least two hours crying. We've done everything we can to encourage these babies to come--acupressure, reflexology, sex, walking, bouncing, talking, praying, bribing, pineapple juice, papaya juice, pulsatilla, red raspberry. The only thing we haven't done is castor oil because it would be a bad idea to dehydrate me with pre-e. It doesn't feel safe to give birth anymore, and I think the babies are getting that.

At least I'll be able to say I carried them to 40 weeks.
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Congratulations on making it this far!!!

It sounds like you're pretty stressed out, I would be too, but remember that stress hormones can keep labor at bay. Definitely get yourself in a deep bath (with epsom salts), put on some calming music, and meditate those babies out. Tell them that it is okay to come, however they arrive, and that their birth will be wonderful no matter what happens. Come to peace yourself with everything going on around you.

I really think L & D is a lot of mind over matter and sometimes we just need to trust our bodies and our babies. Even if your OB won't do a breech vaginal birth it's definitely a good idea to get a trial of labor- for your sake and the babies' as long as it isn't contraindicated by other conditions.
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It's very important not to make delivery a fight. It's not a time when you want to be struggling against unsupportive (and possibly unskilled) people.

Glad you've come to a decision and have some time to really make it your own, and on your own terms.

Hope everything goes smoothly, and keep us posted!
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Many hugs mama. I was in your situation. I had breech/transverse twins and pretty severe pre-e (hospital bedrest the last week). I did end up with a c-section. It was hard (emotionally). Things went as well as possible for us if that helps any.
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As far as combined risk factors, both my midwife and my (twins-specializing) OB were of the opinion that a vaginal twins birth with a breech Baby A is significantly more risky than a vaginal singleton breech birth (or, of course, a vag. twins birth with a vertex Baby A). So, even though each of those individual scenarios (twins, breech) statistically may have equal/better outcomes with vag. birth than c-section, the same might not be true for the two together. Sorry.

I have no idea about the pre-e.

I'm sorry you're in this situation and facing this decision. Facing the possibility of an unwanted c-section can be scary and disappointing, I know. Whatever you decide, I wish you and your babies a healthy and rewarding birth.

But also, it's great that you carried your babies to a full 40 weeks! That's a tremendous accomplishment, and such a wonderful thing for your babies.
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I don't know on this, so I apologize if this is a poor suggestion, but is there any possibility of trying to flip baby A? Is your OB willing to try an external version or could you try some of the at home techniques to try to get baby to change position? Or is it just too crowded in there to move baby A around at this point?
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My 2 cents


I also had to have an unplanned c-section for my twins, although I didn't have pre-e. At 40 weeks, I had both boys vertex and everything looked great for vag delivery but ended up with a c section.

I labored for two days but uterus would not contract appropriately. It was a difficult thing to stomach in the beginning I will probably not have any more children and I *really* wanted a vaginal delivery.

in the end however getting my babes to 40 weeks is what everybody remembers and I get a lot of comfort from being able to say I had full term twins!

Hope this helps
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Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and encouragement. In the end it came down to a decision between going in for a c-section when I had a good chance of an easy recovery or waiting for labor to start. By the time these kiddos decided to arrive, my pre-e could have gotten significantly worse, which would have made it much more difficult to recover from an emergency c-section, if it became necessary. As it is, I ended up with a case of cellulitis (deep infection in the skin) on my lower belly.

This was a very hard decision for me to make. But I'm glad that I had time to come to grips with it before the babies arrived. After it was all over, I realized that it may have been for the best afterall. Twin A had turned from breech to transverse in that last week and it probably would have been a long, difficult labor to get him to turn. Since twin B's ended up with a velamentous insertion of the cord (vessels of the cord travel through the membrane before attaching to each other), he may not have survived a difficult labor.

Nonetheless, I still believe that birth works and I hope to have a HBAC if we decide to have more children in the future.

P.S. The babies were 7lbs12oz and 7lbs10oz. The nursing staff was amazed not only that they were born at 40 weeks, but that they were so big and healthy. Several nurses told me that they'd never cared for such big twins. I was such a proud mama!
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Oh congratulations Mama!!! You should absolutely be proud!!! You did an awesome job growing those two little ones...enjoy falling in love with them
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congrats!! those are impressive weights! i'm so happy that everything turned out ok for you!!
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Congrats!! Glad they are healthy & everyone is okay!
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Good job Mama! I truly believe that things often work out how they need to work out--even if it's not what we want at the time. I am loving thinking about you with those gorgeous healthy babies!!!
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Congratulations. Enjoy those babies.
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