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Congratulations on growing such healthy babies!

I'm 22 weeks with my twins. While I feel strongly about delivering naturally I always have to remind myself that if an emergency situation comes up, I will do what's best for the health of my kids and me. It must have been hard to have been in a situation where you had to make that decision. Thank you for sharing your story, you are a huge inspiration to me...carrying your children to term and making a selfless decision for the health of your family as opposed to holding on to the birth that you wanted. I can only hope that if I'm in your situation this Spring, I will be as flexible and big picture minded.
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Congratulations! Those are great weights and you made a very difficult decision for them and have every reason to be proud!
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Congratulations! I am so impressed with your story and, of course, your babies' weights. Wow!
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P.S. The babies were 7lbs12oz and 7lbs10oz. The nursing staff was amazed not only that they were born at 40 weeks, but that they were so big and healthy. Several nurses told me that they'd never cared for such big twins. I was such a proud mama!
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Thank you all for your support and kind words. The boys are doing well. We're coming up on two weeks now and it's been both harder and easier than I imagined it would be. One of the babies is a voracious eater who swallows a lot of air and gets colicky, so we've had some rough nights. But I think the most difficult aspect of having new twins is finding enough one-on-one time with them to fall in love with them. I had always expected to have those lovely labor hormones to help me. Nonetheless, each day I discover new and wonderful things about these little people we've been entrusted with. And I know it won't be long before they have me tied up in knots and ready to do it all over again.
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congratulations mama - i missed the update to say your boys had arrived.

well done you

(i am at the weights. my two together weighed less than one of yours and i was at the end. you're amazing )
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Congrats mama! I had a C-section for the same reasons you did, pre-e and breech presentation in twin A, who also turned from frank breech to transverse right before surgery. Pre-e is scary and can turn quickly! I'm so sorry about the cellulitis; I hope you're healing well. I also a VBAC with our third child, natural birth, but in a hospital, and it was very healing.

Snuggle your not so little ones!
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