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I'm going to be pregnant forever.

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At this point I have decided I am going to be pregnant and/or have false labor forever.

I am at the point I have stopped expecting to go into labor at all, and I just started living again as if I am not pregnant. When people ask me when I am due, I just laugh.

I give up.

I am leaving all the trash cans full at night, I am not cleaning up dishes 'just encase', I am letting the laundry overflow and my emails go unanswered . . I even took the car seat out of the car...

I am officially over waiting for 'it to happen' because I have decided its not going too.

Anyone else want to join my super bad mood and pregnant forever club?

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lol giving up will probably put you into labor and then you'll be wishing your dishes were done.
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Awwww, mama!

That sucks so bad! I'm not far enough along to join you this time around but when I was pg with DS (my first pregnancy) I was TOTALLY there with you! The prodromal labor felt like it lasted forever and it wasn't getting me anywhere. Nothing like being out shopping when some well-meaning passerby asks "When are you due?" and I'd practically spit out "Two weeks ago" and do everything in my power to keep from throwing something at them!
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hopefully the change will be just the thing to speed things along. He WILL come, one of these days!
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Count me in. I'm due in 3 days, but I know I'll be pregnant forever. I have the gestation period of an elephant.
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Me. 41.1 here and feeling a little crazy.
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oh me too!! I've stopped cleaning, nesting and feeling excited, and I feel like she is just never coming out. People are hounding me everyday and I don't answer the phone anymore. It feels like this baby is literally going to fall out of me and yet I haven't had any contractions or signs that she is coming soon. I know my dates are right. I have to go to the doctor today and explain all over again why I don't want to be induced. I am so grumpy!!!
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Crashing from Nov. board.....

Come on over and join us..(we have an ongoing thread on the Nov. board)...we can totally relate to your feelings and mood!!!

I know I can't be pregnant forever....but at 41w and 3d and a looming medical induction scheduled at 42w and 1day......things are not looking so fab right now if you know what I mean....

But, I am certainly wishing baby to you all! Hang in there! We can and will do it! (eventually!)
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I could have written the original post.
I promised myself I wouldn't do this this time. With dd 1 I went 3 days overdue (which is totaly reasonable and not even late) and I was like a mad woman.
I'm not even officially due until Wed. but I am already so crabby I could scream. I am in so much more pain with this pregnancy that it is becoming unbarable.
I can't sleep the insomnia is horrible. My hips hurt, my back aches,I have swelling in the area around my pubic bone-sort of like a big puffy bruise that the baby pushes on making walking almost impossible, I have the sharp shooting cervical pain, and tons of "meaningless" contractions.
Everytime I call my mom she asks me if I'm in labor and it makes me furious. My husband on the other hand has told me labor doesn't seem imminent for the last three nights in a row until I finally snapped and told him never to say that to me again-I mean really who tells a woman who is 40 weeks preganant they don't seem like they are about to go in labor.
Argh. I hate waiting for this to end. I want to be through my pregnancy, done with my labor, and I want to meet my baby.
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Yep I'll join you. This is the crabby corner where there are no signs of impending labor at all.
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I have the gestation period of an elephant.
I sort of fear this as well. All the women in my family were induced at 42 weeks, so this does not bode well for me. I was hoping I was just a fluke in the gene pool and he'd come early. . .
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Well we figured out what had gone wrong. You see we have a to do list, but have baby wasn't on it. So now it's on the list I'm sure he'll be out before long. Trouble is the list is basically for my OH and things he needs to do while I just sit on my ball trying to avoid having to get up. So does this mean he now needs to have the baby?

Oh and Ithappened a bit off topic but can you tell me what the german heart shaped biscuits are called. They're sort of probably a little cake rather than a biscuit, they're covered in chocolate and have jam in the middle. OK so I lived there 3 times, once over Christmas and you'd think I'd remember, but no all I can think of is Lebkuchen.
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I had a shitty, shitty night of sleep last night and woke up multiple times. Then, this morning, my neighbor, who has woken me up/kept me up countless times with door slamming and music, decides to rock out this morning. I thought I was going to blow a gasket. Home birth is not enough revenge. Tonight, at midnight, I will begin a heavy metal retrospective at full volume. I had asked nicely so many times for him to be considerate and it works for like a week or two and then he's back to making loud noise at all hours. I don't know why but I am FURIOUS.

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Our downstairs neighbors are also very noisy. I tend to let it go b/c I figure we aren't quiet with an almost 5 year old and a sometimes barky dog running around. However, I have many a fantasy about marching down there with my new baby when they are playing music at 2 a.m. They also slam every door in their condo. It's like they don't know how to quietly shut a door.
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nak. had my baby at 41w4d last week. nearly killed someone the last few days. begged dh to take me to hosp. he refused!!!! nearly killed him cried, threw things, had temper tantrums, cried some more. i was soooooooooo reasonable and pleasant, it's a wonder dh is still here! had my unassisted birth i wanted and i'm a happy camper now. but i am totally feeling y'alls frustration. i was so there just a few days ago! hope you all go into labor asap!
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ohhhhhhhh I can TOTALLY relate.. while I have had my babe this time (I was induced due to pre-eclampsia) my last babe was born 43 and 4? days... it was SO HARD!!!!! hang in there!!!
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I still have like 17 days left but I have never carried a baby over 6 pounds 10 ounces and this one is already like 8-8 1/2
I mentally and physically don't feel like I can do this anymore. I want to be able to roll over in bed and not hear the sounds of my pelvic bones cracking and grinding. I want a beer, I want to be able to sleep on my back, I want to hit the gym back up and tear away at my gut finally. Most importantly, I want to meet this little critter that has been the cause of all my physical ailments.

I don't think it would be so horrible if I didn't have 2 toddlers making me crazy all day. I want to be able to nap and maybe even get stuff done around here, but nope.
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I am just annoyed mostly that my OB - every time I come in- has the c-section paperwork waiting for me. Give me a break! Last time I went in, I was 1 day overdue. Come on!!

Argh. I just want him to come so I dont have to face an induction with her to be honest. I am trying everything even considering blue/black cohosh..

. Tonight, at midnight, I will begin a heavy metal retrospective at full volume.
.. that is awesome.

flapjack pretty sure its a linzer torte (cookie) . .
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I think most pregnant women feel this way towards the end. I know with Gavin I was really impatient by 37 weeks. I would have been terribly difficult to deal with had I gone overdue. Baby will come and I am sure your body will be able to deal with his size regardless! I hope you will be able to start labor on your own and your OB will leave you alone until you do.
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Originally Posted by TyrantOfTheWeek View Post
I still have like 17 days left but I have never carried a baby over 6 pounds 10 ounces and this one is already like 8-8 1/2
I mentally and physically don't feel like I can do this anymore.
You can do it Mindie!!! This pregnancy/birth has me feeling more physically drained than Evie's. I had few pesky pregnancy symptoms at the end of that pregnancy and bounced right back after having her (the night of really). I am a bit disappointed that I don't feel as great after this birth. I'm still in pain (hip, joints, arm, and hands) and it is still hard for me to roll out of bed despite the lack of baby in my belly. You're a lot younger than I am. I think you'll be just fine.
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