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oh, we don't have a chicken coop! in fact, i've never been around chickens in my life until we joined 4-H. i grew up in atlanta and have never even been near a farm unfortunately. we now live in a small town outside of charlotte, and the 4H program here is awesome! you can join a 4-H club, but we choose to participate as independents. i just pick up a dozen fertilized eggs from my local 4-H every spring (and quail in the fall). the program is free & is called the "embryology program". we have an incubator (bought used for $20, but you can get a loaner from my 4-H as well). we care for the eggs for 21 days & then keep the chicks (or baby quail) for a week or two before returning them back to 4-H. returning them is the hardest part, as they are so incredibly sweet. you should check your local 4-H and ask if they have something similar. my 4-H has summer camps, sewing instruction, animal care, etc. they also have a TON of awesome booklets for free to study animals, do projects, etc. we love it! the natue books i mentioned are really awesome! if we find a frog, see a bird, or a lizard, etc. you can look it up and read about it. we use them all of the time in the spring and summer.
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Okay, I want to be elizawill when I grow up. That is so cool. I'm in a rural-ish county, so I think that 4-H is pretty active here. I'm totally going to check out our local chapter. I just love the mamas at MDC.
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just subbing for now. off to read.
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I'm loving this thread! Great information for me. We just started homeschooling our first daughter a couple weeks ago. We pulled her out of her second year of pre-k cause she was bored. I hadn't planned on homeschooling so I've never really looked into it. So I'm still really overwhelmed with all of the information and resources. This is also quite a difference for dd1. She went from going to preschool 3 hrs a day where they mostly played, did a little circle time, and very slowly learned to sitting at home with me doing actual "schoolwork". She wasn't impressed the first week and I think I was pushing too hard and doing it for too long. She got frustrated and so did I, which is entirely not what I want to happen. One of the reasons we've decided to homeschool is to keep the love of learning alive. So I've backed off quite a bit, tried to follow her lead in what she's interested in, and tried to make it fun.

So far we've been kind of finding out where she is. We're slowly working through the Phonics for the New Reader book, using computer sites like starfall, reading lots of books and doing copywork for reading and writing. She has confidence issues with reading, if she really wants to sound out the words she can and loves it and gets really excited, but if she's not in the mood, watch out! We do a lot of manipulatives for math, sorting, counting, simple addition, practice writing numbers, and learning what the numbers look like. Lots of math games. For those of you using Math U See primer, how advanced is it? I looked at the site and really liked the concept, just didn't know if it's too advanced right now. We are doing a daily calendar that incorporates patterns, numbers, counting forward and backward, days of the week, months, seasons...We do art/crafts a couple times a week, (structured that is, she does art related things every day on her own) we've done a few basic science experiments, she plays outside lots, we own land on a creek so we go there often and just explore, see the wildlife...That is basically what we've started with. I'm still looking at so much information and all the different resources and different methods so who knows what we'll do next year. I'm glad to see there is a huge variance in what everyone's kids are doing. If anyone has any suggestions for me, they'd be greatly appreciated!
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I just got my LIfepacs for Kindergarten in the mail and I'm really excited! Do you buy new materials for each child, or is there a way to preserve the worksheets so DS2 and DS3 can use them also? I heard somewhere that you can cut each page out of the book and put them in sheet protectors and write and erase. Does this only work with dry-erase pens? Does anyone do this? I can't imagine doing this without the paper inside sliding around a lot.

Otherwise, how do you keep your materials from being so messed up that the next child(ren) can use them?
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Fun thread!

With my 6 yo we are doing Five in a Row (conversational style, really not doing to much of the extra stuff or lapbooks that you can do), Reading Made Easy, and Handwriting without Tears. For math, just talking about numbers and math and playing games.

She really is learning a ton, though we are pretty laid back right now. We did no reading "lessons" for the month of December, and all of the sudden her reading skills dramatically improved. We started back up and she breezed through 3 lessons in one sitting (she *knew* the material, no point in belaboring...)

My real issue is being too busy... I feel like we're not doing as much as I hoped/planned because we are on the go, go, go so much... anyone else have that problem? We haven't spent a day at home in weeks, I need to stop saying yes to so many things.
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Secular, non-Eurocentric world history text? Does it exist?

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For those of you using Handwriting without Tears, what materials are you using? All, some? I was thinking of getting just the main workbook, is it necessary to also get the "teacher's guide"?
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We are doing more unschooling than anything. My friend gave me some used Abeka K workbooks and dd pulls the math out every now and then and does a bunch but other than that she plays on starfall and PBSKids online.She likes printing out the Starfall books and doing the activities that go with them.

Other than that its mostly crafts painting and she loves to write me "cards" and other things in her notebook (she copies words off things lately)
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