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Austin midwife rec...the hands-off kind

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This is my 5th pregnancy & am looking for a hands-off but caring midwife who will let the birth unfold naturally.

I've had easy vaginal (hospital) births & hoping this one will be too so I really just need a midwife who'll be there to make sure there's no real emergencies & take care of the afterbirth. If there are emergencies, I'm hoping she's competent enough to take care of it as much as she can...thus, have a very low hospital-transfer rate.

Who would you recommend & WHY? (the more details, the better)

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melanie henderson 512.331.8121

she is calm and good at sitting on her hands. she has attended two of my births, both of which had complications and both of which she handled calmly and safely. As a doula, I have attended several births with her. I have also worked with her as her assistant for many births in the last couple of years. She is respectful of what a mother wants.
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I am currently interviewing midwives for our second pregnancy. So far I have seen Patty Sprinkle, Vicki Meinhardt, Illysa Foster, and Faith Beltz. Faith runs a birthing center in South Austin, but also does home births. I saw her today and really liked her. I also loved Illysa. She trains midwives and one of them she is training is the trainer for DONA international here in Austin. I am studying to be a Doula, so I have become very picky, also, we are planning a homebirth, so I really want a skilled midwife. For your situation, i would say (based on who I have interviewed) Illysa would be good. She is very pro Doula, and very rarely does vaginal exams (as well as Faith), she also is very big on informed consent. She gives you all the information and then lets you decide. We ran into this since we have just had our IUD taken out and were considering waiting to get pregnant.

I still have 5 other interviews to go, if you want to meet with them too, they are Christy Tashjian, Mary Barnett, MariMikel Penn, Michelle Fitzgerald, and Laurie Fremgen. Based on the talks over the phone, I think Christy and Laurie are going to be in my top picks along with Illysa and Faith. Michelle is booked up till mid January, I couldn't even get in for an interview till then.

All of these woman can be found online.
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Illysa is wonderful. she is so very nurturing.
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Thanks for your responses. I've interviewed with Laurie Fremgen & will be interviewing Melanie Henderson tomorrow. I'll look into Ilyssa & Faith.

Any feedback on GB Khalsa &/or Heather Hilton?
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I really like Ilyssa. If I ever couldn't go back to my midwife (Natalie Lake) I'd probably try to get in with Ilyssa. I loved Natalie but last time I checked she wasn't taking new clients.
My sister and a couple other friends used GB and loved her. She's very calm, very hands off, a little older, and very maternal.
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April at Birthwise was the midwife for my 5 month old. She was very hands off and not intimidating and even phrases things in a non bossy way. It took me a while to warm up to her hands off style, having had two previous medical births, but I am very glad to have chosen her and would choose her again. She will do home births or you can go to Birthwise (very low-tech) and she does water births.
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Faith Beltz is my midwife and I LOVE her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. In addition to her amazing Midwifery abilities she has so much knowledge about health, nutrition, and herbal remedies.
But most importantly, I feel like we are friends and that was very important for me, to feel like I "clicked" with her.
You will not be disappointed if you hire her. Oh, and her birth center is amazing!
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Faith was the assistant MW at my second birth and I loved her. She was very calm, peaceful and hands off. She apprenticed with the same very old-school, hands-off, chill MW as Laurie Fremgan, who is also of the same temperment.
The MW they trained with, now retired, trained with the same "Grandmother MW" as GB Khalsa. They all have very similar modes of practice.

I have several friends who birthed with MariMikel and found her to be too bossy and intervention prone. I cannot personnally verify this though as I have never met her.

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I chose to go with Christy Tashjian. She had a cesarean with her first due to asynclitic head, and a HBAC with her second. That's gonna be the same thing we are going to go through, and felt very wonderful with her. Laurie Fremgen and Illysa Foster are her midwifes who one or the other comes to the birth to assist. It was hard to choose between her, illysa and Faith.

I would pick who ever you feel you connect with.

Good Luck!
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I'm glad to hear all the good reviews of Faith Beltz. My friend is getting ready to have her baby at her new birthing center.
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Lisa Kestler is awesome. I'd recommend interviewing her, too.

Okay, I just noticed the original post was from about a month ago... oop! But, details for those still looking for a midwife:

I had Lisa for the last trimester only, due to a cross country move. Never had an internal exam. Visits were very calm and comfortable. Really, she is such a calming person, great to have around during a birth.
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First time here. I'm researching midwives around Austin. Is that the same Faith Beltz who owns Centre Vida?
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Yes. There are tons of midwives in Austin so definitely look at your options.
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Originally Posted by Austin Preggers View Post
First time here. I'm researching midwives around Austin. Is that the same Faith Beltz who owns Centre Vida?

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I will second the recommendation for Melanie Henderson. She was my midwife for my 3rd homebirth. She was totally hands off and sooooo wonderful. Very calm and such a joy to have at our birth. I highly recommend her.

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I highly recommend Kristen Elliott of Moms & Miracles. She was my midwife for my son's birth last November. At 11.5 pounds, he was one of her bigger babies! I had excellent prenatal care and a wonderful waterbirth experience. Patty Sprinkle was there as a backup midwife, and I loved her too. I would recommend either midwife without hesitation.

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Laurie Fremgen!! Attended a birth with her recently and she was very hands off and calm. It was beautiful. 

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please see Texas midwives records here

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thank you so much for posting that Liz!  

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