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My DS will be 5 in January. He's always coslept. He is also pretty sensitive, always has been. Very clingy, very attached, very much needs DH or I for comfort. Always been this way.

Well the problem is I'm due with #3 any day now and we are having a VERY hard time getting DS to move into (and stay) in his own bed. He wants DH or I to snuggle him (which isn't a huge deal, DH does it) but then he'll wake up at some point in the night and come into our bed. I'd prefer to avoid this.

We will soon have DD and DS2 in our bed as well as DH and I, even in a King size bed it can't work...there isn't enough space.

Our bedroom isn't large enough to side car a crib or a twin mattress, it isn't large enough to put a crib in there at all. We tried a crib mattress on the floor but that won't fit either, plus DS doesn't fit on it anymore. Thought about putting a pallet on the floor but the floor in there is very hard and the carpet is very thin...

I'm at a loss here...

It seems like our only real option right now is for DH and DS1 and DD to sleep in the big bed and DS2 and I to move into the 2nd bedroom and sleep there, which sucks for me because it's a captains bed and I have a horrible back anyway...It's fine really, DH doesn't think the bed is uncomfortable, but it doesn't have the support my back needs