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Holy S#it Ladies....Wish Me Luck....(12/16 PICS NOW ADDED)

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Well, I can't believe it, but I think I am actually officially starting early labor!

I had cramps last night, which was new-- and this morning I was losing bits of my plug....but since I had a membrane sweep yesterday morning at my MW appt., I thought it was just from that (I also lost my plug on 11/27 when I had my first internal exam).

However, today I was feeling a bit different (probably from the lack of sleep from the cramps last night....lolol)....

Around 9:30 tonight I passed a huge glob of pink/red show (sorry if TMI) and within about 5 minutes started having my first PAINFUL contrax ever--- and I am SO not complaining about the pain-- I was thrilled!!!! Now I have been having them off and on for about 30-40 seconds since that time. Nothing consistant, some within a few minutes of each other-- some 20 or 30 minutes apart.

I know this stage can stretch for a long-ass time (especially since its my first), so I am going to go to bed for now...but I just thought that I would give ya'll an update!

It would be great to not have to go to my BPP test tomorrow morning at 11am, and to be able to call them and say..."I know that I am 41w and 5d, but I can't make the appt., because I am HAVING THIS BABY TODAY!!!!"

My hopes are up....for sure!

Baby to all- and good luck to all the mommas with buns still in the oven!

***Well mammas....it happened! When I posted last-- it really was the real thing!

I my contrax were pretty strong and progressed throughout the night. I tried to sleep through them, but that wasn't working out so well after about 2:30, even with a Tylenol PM. We started timing them at 6:30am, and they were pretty consistant at 4-5 minutes apart-- but we wanted to labor at home as long as possible so the MW told us we could wait another few hours. We got to the hospital around 10:15am (in a NJ snow storm...lolol)- and got settled into the birthing suite with the tub--which was wonderful because the place was full and there was a chance I might not get it.

I was checked at 11:30, and it looks like I arrived at 6cm dilated...so that made me happy. I was at 7 a few hours later--and I labored in the shower (but almost passed out, so had to get out...ekk), on the toilet (which surprised me), in the tub- and all over the place. My water broke at 2:45pm- and I was fully dilated with the dreaded "lip" right before 4...although my MW pulled it aside in a few pushes- which was a relief.

I pushed for 2 hours, and I am not going to lie-- it was brutal, and I feel pretty traumatized today when I think about it. I also got a episiotomy in the final minutes because his heart rate was crashing (and they had a NICU team on standby- I found out later), probably because he was stuck in the birth canal for a long time! I asked to tear- but since I wasn't tearing when they were stretching, out came the sciscors.

However, I accomplished my goal of having a completely medication free, IV/Hep lock free first time birth- and I am proud of that, and I can tell you that my DH was the reason behind it....he was amazing! Who knew he was a doula in disguise!!!!

20.5 hours after the start Evan Robert was born at 7lbs, 4oz, and 20 inches long. I can't stop starting at him and we are amazed every second. Although things got dicey at the end he still had 9/8 apgar.

I had used hypnobabies faithfully throughout the pregnancy, and I think it really helped me mentally prepare, although my birthing was in no way pain-free, nor was I able to stay in hypnosis after the first few hours. But I still used many of the tools, as did my DH, so I still think it was worth it.

Thanks for all the support. This board has been amazing for me.

For pics! :http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...&id=1481435275
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Blessings and best Wishes to you Mama. Post pictures of the new LO!!
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good luck!
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Yay, exciting!!! You can do it!!
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eeeek! exciting!
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Happy birthing, mama!
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Good luck!!
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Ooooohhh!!!!!! Good luck, I hope this is it for you!!!!!!
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Wow, good luck. I'm jealous!
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Oh good mama! I hope all goes smoothly!!
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Best wishes to you!
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yay happy birthing mama!
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YES!! I'm so excited for you! Well, since you have not updated for a long time, I sure hope it means you are holding your little baby, or close to it. Good luck with everything!
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Hopefully my update went through on the first post.....it's not coming up for me!
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YAY good job mama!

wonderful birth story! Glenn was going to be Evan for a while actually Evan Robert Robert is dh's name! I am so happy for you I kept checking to see if your baby arrived happy babymoon!!!
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Congrats!!!!! Enjoy your babymoon!!!
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I had an episiotomy for the same reason and no regrets--I trust my midwife that it was necessary (she said it was the 4th she's done in over 10 years). Hope your healing goes as well as mine has so far.

Keep an eye on/be kind to yourself about the traumatic last minutes of the birth. I have found that talking about it and acknowledging how scary it was for me has helped.
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Wow, congratulations on your baby boy. What a beautiful name!
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AWESOME JOB!!! You did super! Two hours of pushing....wow, I'm humbled by your strength!
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