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Assemble or not? Bike for xmas - Page 2

Poll Results: Assemble or not?

  • 96% (132)
    put it together
  • 0% (1)
    leave it in the box
  • 2% (4)
137 Total Votes  
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If i could i would of voted to get some else to assemble it because i am not good at that stuff lol
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Wow, I voted 'put it together'. I guess everyone else did too.
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Definetly assemble - you never know when you'll be missing a piece or something. And besides, its NO fun having to put stuff together on christmas - unless its legos of course

And whoever posted about the envelope search - I LOVE it! That sounds AWESOME - my mom would do that with our easter candy - she'd hide it all over the house and we'd have to search for it, twas always a blast first thing in the morning;D
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Assemble. The nice thing about it being a new bike is that it has clean tires. If you have the space, let him ride it around the living room for the morning until you are ready to go outside. This is what we did with our scooter and ds really enjoyed that!
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If it was my kid, leave it in the box, they would absolutely love, love, love to put it together too! So, it depends on the kid, I'd say.
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I voted assemble it. I would do it at least the day before, just in case it takes longer than you think or it is missing a piece.
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I voted Other. I definitely think you should assemble it, but they have gigantic gift bag type things that you could find to "wrap" it in (they cinch at the top) if you're worried about him not wanting to look at anything else after he sees it. You can save it and have it be the last thing he opens.
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I didn't read all the other responses, but we always assemble things, or open the box and take out all those annoying twist ties before wrapping. We learned the hard way at my oldest dd's first birthday. She got some cool toys that were in the packaging and she really wanted to play with them and it was so hard to get them out. Now we are prepared
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Definitely assemble. Best to do it before xmas eve if at all possible.

If you are worried about it eclipsing the other gifts, just keep it hidden until the end. I like the envelope or box that says where to go find it. I wouldn't have it in your hiding place though because then the kids will know where to look next year. If you have a garage I would just put it there after bedtime xmas eve.
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I voted other. I was going to say take it to a bike shop and have it professionally assembled but I looked up the bike and since there are no breaks or pedals or other parts that could be a saftey issue.....definitely assemble it yourselves. he is gonna want to get on that thing right away. So cute!!!!

playmobile - holy crap. yeah if anyone bought anything for their kids thats playmobile definitely assemble that ahead of time. it looks so simple. we got a boat. A BOAT!! and it took hours to assemble. it had real rigging for crying out loud.
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I say assemble too. And, if you're worried about him seeing it hide it somewhere for him to find.

The year I got a trike for my birthday I woke up to find a string tied to something (can't remember what) in the house saying "Follow the string to find your present". My trike was under the house.

The year my brother and I got bikes for Christmas there was a note in the tree saying "Go and look near Lisa (the name of our car)". Our bikes were standing in the shed (Dad had picked them up from a neighbours house on Christmas Eve). It is our tradition for Dad to hand out the presents so he just gave us the note last so everything else was opened first.
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Ok Ok I guess I have to assemble it! I'll pick up a big bow and have it out. I guess its not a big deal to spread out the gifts, and at least its not cold out if I end up having to go outside in my pj's to watch him ride!

Now the problem is I have to convince him to go to bed before I do so I have time to put it together, which is a whole nother challange in itself, or maybe I can enlist Great -Grammy to distract him long enough to sneek off and get it ready! I already looked at the instructions and there arent too many peices I dont think.

He is going to be sooo stinking excited, he has been talking about getting a real bike forever now!
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DS got a bike one year for Easter (winter bdays here, we get bikes for Easter) and DH went somewhere (can't remember what we told DS) in all reality he went to my mom's assembled it and it lived in the back of the van for a day or 2 and then the 'Easter Bunny' snuck it in after he went to bed.

Santa always assembles gifts here. The elves gotta do SOMETHING.
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I really like the string idea.

Could you hide it in a closet if you assembled it early? You could do it some other night when he goes to bed before you, or in the morning before he gets up.

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Assemble it, keep it hidden somewhere, and send him on a short treasure hunt with a new "clue" note in each location. Have him open the gift with the first note when you're ready for him to. I've done the treasure hunt thing a couple times and did wacky things with the note gifts: filled a very small box with pennies with the note folded up where it couldn't be seen without dumping the pennies, and wrapped the note around a potato and put that in a suitable box. They loved it the years I did this!

(On another note, one year oldest DS just couldn't seem to tell me what he wanted and I kept threatening him with underwear. You should have seen the look on his face when my teenage son opened a package of Scooby Doo underoos (size 6)--priceless! There was money tucked into one of the waist bands just enough so he could see it from the back side of the package. I laughed myself silly and wish soooo much I'd had a video camera!)
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I think you should assemble it so it can be ridden straight away - you don't want to spend you Christmas morning putting a bike together when you could be watching the joy on your DC face as he rides
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An assembled and ready bike is always a better deal.

He would be delighted to see what he got and would be low on patience till it gets assembled.
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Last year we assembled Christmas Eve and DH hid it in another room. So after DS had looked at all his toys and there was a lull, DH told him to go look to see if Santa had left anything else and surprise! It was a big deal, let me tell you. If DS (then 3.5) had to wait while DH assembled a bike (and it took much longer than we expected) it would not have been pretty.
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Our girls are getting new bikes for Christmas. We are assembling them and putting GIANT carboard boxes (like 6ft tall) that my husband uses at work with a huge red bow on top. They will be out in the yard, I think the girls will LOVE it!

I like to assemble most things before Christmas, because I remember what a drag it was watching things being assembled on the day of!
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