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Corn-Gluten-Dairy-Soy-Nut Free Diet HELP!!

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And add beef, pork, and chocolate to that list as well as grass, most trees, dogs, and cats.

DD2- Mable- has had severe eczema (from head to toe literally) for some time. She also weighs 27 lbs and is still in 18 month old clothes. She'll be 4 in February. Her teeth are also in horrible condition. Basically mama (me) knew there was something wrong but got the run around. They finally have tested her for allergies and turns out she is allergic to all of the above.

It all makes sense! We tried an elimination diet but we hadn't eliminated all of that.

I have no idea what I am doing. I feel incredibly overwhelmed right now. But my baby needs help like yesterday. Can someone take my hand please and help me out here a bit? Recipes would also be wonderful!

I am reading up now on where gluten, soy, dairy, and corn reside in other products and what it means to be free of those. I'm trying to compile a list of things she can eat. We are to see an allergist and a dermatologist soon (still need the go ahead with the insurance )

ETA: forgot to add eggs (whites and yolks) to that. *sigh* Oh and fish of all varieties.
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mama what a heavy load

gluten free flours are less expensive at Asian markets if you have one nearby.
if coconut is not on your list of avoidance (some people count it as a tree nut), it's a great dairy sub in terms of taste.
millet tastes a lot like corn for corn bread, i've heard. Kathy may have usable recipes on her blog. that's searchable by allergen.
you'll want guar gum for a xanthan gum substitute
have to run for now. bbl.
i'm sure you'll get tons of info in that time but i'll be back
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So no: dairy, gluten, soy, corn, all nuts, all fish, beef, pork, egg, chocolate. I don't use dogs/cats in my food anyway... yet.

So we DO have:
chicken mirabella
chicken marsala
roast chicken (olive oil, sea salt, pepper, oregano)
sauteed chicken breasts
chicken stir fry
chicken soup (homemade bone broth)
turkey burgers
roast turkey (same way as above, or brine first for extra juicy)
turkey soup with mini turkey meatballs
don't ask me; I've never made it where I liked it (but ChangingSeasons has)
side dishes:
zucchini fritters (made with chickpea flour)
scalloped potatoes (white sauce made with rice milk and alternative flour)
sweet potato fries (shake in a bag with olive oil, sea salt & pepper; 375F for 40 minutes, flipping once)
lots of veggies (steamed cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, boiled beets, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes)
gravy (use the meat drippings, I prefer sweet potato flour, and homemade bone broth)
smoothies (coconut milk, banana, frozen berries, pineapple juice)
curried chickpeas (can of chickpeas, olive oil, curry powder, saute)
fried rice (rice, veggies, olive oil, garlic, chicken broth)

Rice Chex
Creamy buckwheat cereal
millet porridge
buckwheat pancakes

Keep a food journal. That way if there is something that you start using that wasn't tested, you'll find it out. They sound like IgE allergies. Did they talk about an epi-pen or did they think it was not that severe an allergy?

Some things you might not think of:
iodized salt has corn in it
powdered sugar usually has corn in it (Trader Joes doesn't)
baking powder has corn in it (I use equal parts tapioca starch + baking soda + cream of tartar)

if you search corn allergy pages, you'll find all the names for it. citric acid seems to be in a lot, and it's corn derived almost all the time. dextrose, maltodextrin are also usually from corn. lecithin is usually soy (found in every spray oil I've ever found). We use tomato paste now instead of tomato sauce, because all the tomato sauce I've found has citric acid in it. I'll think of more later.
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My kids have intolerances, not allergies. But neither of them can have dairy, gluten, soy or corn. And DS can't have eggs. DD2 can't have beef. Almonds are out for DS. We can do pork on rotation (every 4 days) but not alot. And I have been chocolate free for a few months, but I think I just got it back (but don't want to overdo it). We can have fish, but my kids only like salmon. And my DH is allergic (asthma) to dogs, cats, grass, and oak trees, and my DD1 is allergic to cats and dust/dust mites. So I've had to deal with a lot of those. It's hard at first, but focus on the things you can have. And get a good stockpile of recipes, and it won't seem so hard.
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I've done all those together except corn. Corn makes everything harder, especially if trace is an issue.

Find out how much protein she needs for her age/weight in grams. Make sure she gets that. It was the biggest struggle I had as my son wasn't much of a meat eater. I'd rotate three main sources of protein if you can since you're already without so many (say chicken, turkey, lamb for example in a three day rotation). I noticed you can do egg. I'd do that every three days but not more often given the load of allergies and allergen potential of egg. Quinoa is a high and completely protein grain that my kids like. You've got beans and we use those but I don't rely on them for all the protein since they have anti-nutrient issues (as does quinoa actually).
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Oh boy - I can imagine how overwhelmed you're feeling right now. My middle DD had intolerances and when we received her test results back and it showed 21 different items we were definitely shocked and overwhelmed. One lucky part for us was that we were already milk, gluten, and mostly soy and corn free so removing the rest didn't feel so much like the world stopped turning - it just was in slow motion for a bit while we figured out how to feed her safely. Take a couple days and let it soak in, plus like Kathy said start working on a list of foods she can eat and it won't feel so bad.

You've received some good advice already. I just wanted to add a little support and a few websites I've found helpful. We definitely use Kathy's Recipe Box allot she has many great recipes that we like. For corn resources I really like these sites as I believe corn to be the hardest to eliminate.


Good luck to you and your DD. The lady's here are tremendously helpful and I've found lots of great recipes and information. Just take some time and let it sink in - once you get into the new routine it does get a little easier.
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We're in the same boat, my son is allergic to peanut, tree nut, egg, dairy, soy, corn, gluten, and had lots of intolerances. We see a naturopathic doctor and are treating him for leaky gut syndrome with digestive enzymes and amino acids.

My little guy (age 3) eats a very simple diet. Bananas, apples, carrots, potatoes, all natural hot dogs, chicken nuggets (I make them by dicing up organic free range chicken breast and "breading" it in crunched up all natural potato chips and then cooking in olive oil), rice bread sandwiches with sunflower seed butter and honey, rice noodles with olive oil and salt, and a few other foods from time to time. He's very picky which is a blessing because he doesn't eat random foods but also frustrating because a lot of things that he can eat, he won't eat, like most vegetables.

You are not alone! Try to stick to basics for a while to ensure that you've cut all the allergens. There are VERY few processed foods out there that are soy/corn free. We found french fries by "Ian's" that are potato, sunflower oil, and salt and that's it. And they're alphabet shaped. They make a great treat for DS.
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Originally Posted by Juniper Gerrie-Sue View Post
You are not alone! Try to stick to basics for a while to ensure that you've cut all the allergens. There are VERY few processed foods out there that are soy/corn free. We found french fries by "Ian's" that are potato, sunflower oil, and salt and that's it. And they're alphabet shaped. They make a great treat for DS.
Ooooh, where can I find those? Maybe Whole Foods? That's really all that's in it? I've been looking for safe french fries, because I'm tired of cutting them up all the time!
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Originally Posted by kjbrown92 View Post
Ooooh, where can I find those? Maybe Whole Foods? That's really all that's in it? I've been looking for safe french fries, because I'm tired of cutting them up all the time!
Both my local Fred Meyer's and Safeway carry Ian's here.

eta: and my first thought with lamb is Irish stew, btw.
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I buy the fries at Henry's...not sure if you have one in your area. I bet if you contact Ian's they can point you to a store near you that carries them.
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I know how hard this is, my son was diagnosed with eosinophillic esophagitis and his eosinophills counts where over 40 so they removed milk, by that time he was only a baby so he wasn't eating anything but his formula and they put his on a soy formula, after doing another endoscopy they found out he was alsoallergic to soy and they put him on elecare Jr vanilla flavor, when he started eating he was on a corn diet, everything was corn, fritos, kicks corn cereal and pretty much that, he was refusing to eat anything soft cause he was also diagnosed with autism and I guess he has lots of sensory issues for what the doctor explain to me plus the fact that he was always choking on everything so the crunchy foods were better for him as he new were the food was inside the mouth and was easy to control the motion and he wasn't choking as much but later he developed a corn allergy and I was running out of options, they put him on a wheat diet and same thinghappend, now he's eating rice cheks cinnamon and I really don't know if my son is allergic to rice too but the endoscopy came back with pretty much the same amount of eosinophills and the doctor wants to sit down, I can't keep on taking everything away and I'm going crazy, he's only 3 and as any other mother I would love my child to be able to eat normal, it's very rare that a child does not respond to treatment but it could be the case. Sometimes I go out with my son, his brothers and daddy to eat at a restaurant and people look at me like I'm the worse because my son is drinking from a bottle instead of eating a meal or he's just playing with his toys and the rest of us are eating a nice meal, it makes me feel horrible. People judge others without knowing the reason behind of it.
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