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Unschooling and jobs....

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I posted this to a little email list I'm on, and then thought it might be ool to post here, too..
This is a story for all the people who ever asked us,"What about math?", or "But how will she get a job?" or said, "You know, she can't just do what she enjoys her whole life - someday she'll have to get a job." Well, Rain turned 11 last month, and today she got a job. It pays minimum wage, $6.75 an hour, and she'll worked 10 to 15 hours week for the first month and then 6 hours a week for the next 3 months. When she applied for the job, she created a professional resume and was in competition with 30 or more other people, for a total of 6 openings. Two people have been hired so far, one of whom is Rain (the rest will be hired early next week). Not that it really matters, but many of the applicants were adults. She was one of the youngest to apply, if not the youngest.

Rain will be working as an actress, playing one of the stepsisters in a dinner theatre production of Cinderella. She had so much fun at the audition that she was still walking on clouds an hour later, and the stepsister is just a dream role for her. She would have done it for free... but they're paying her for all rehearsals and shows, starting from call time. The show rehearses for 4 weeks and then runs for 12 weeks, with two shows for school groups on Wednesdays and a show open to the public on Saturdays.

I may be biased, as her mother, but I thought she really stood out at the audition. She was thinking, she was innovating, she was creating. She remembered the basics - project, speak slowly and enunciate, stay in character,don't block other actors - while adding appropriate and funny physical movements and hilarious expressions, interacting with the other characters on stage, and saying her lines so they sounded fresh even after 5 groups had run the same scene. I was and am very, very proud.

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Wow! That is wonderful.

Isn't that like follow your Bliss...? You should be proud. Rain is going to have a wonderful experience. She is following her dream
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Oh Dar I'm so thrilled for Rain! She must be walking on clouds and you must be so proud!!!

Along those lines, my 16 year old dd, Rachel, has been working for over a year as a groom, feeder and stable hand at a small Equestrian Center. She has learned so fast that she is apprenticing with the Dressage Trainer now, among other things.
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Thanks... yes, she is very, very happy! She called and IMed some friends last night and then saw more friends today, so she gets to be excited about it over and over

An unschooled friend of ours worked teaching fencing as a teen, which was what he loved. And Rachel with horses, and I know a 13 yr old teachng gymnastics - they're out there in the real world now, doing what they love and getting paid to do it because they're already that good. It is just, well, COOL!

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Wow! That's awesome! Your stories are always such an inspiration to me!
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