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Welcome baby Matthew!

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I had my son two weeks ago, I have been remiss in coming to share the good news Here is his birth story:

On November 24, 2009 we headed to Glendale Adventist to try and get things moving with labor. I was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced and having irregular contractions. Dr. Wu agreed to trying Cervadil first which he inserted near my cervix and told me to sit tight and we’ll see what happens. That was at 9:30am. By 10am I was having regular contractions about 2 minutes apart that were increasing in intensity but still allowing me “breaks” in between. I alternated between side-lying, sitting at the side of the bed, pelvic rocking on all fours, and reclining on my back in the bed. Lying on my back with pillows under my knees and my head elevated was the most comfortable position most of the time. I only had a hep-lock in my wrist so I was not hindered by much except the monitor which I was allowed to disconnect when I needed or wanted to.

Around 1pm I started to feel panicky, the contractions were coming much more quickly and I started to lose control of myself, not able to relax as fully and fearing each coming contraction. I knew in my head this was a sign of transition but that didn’t seem possible, it was too fast! Andy was great, really supportive, reminding me I was “already doing it!”. I asked the nurse to check me (this was the first time an internal exam was done since Dr. Wu was in that morning) so she did and I was 6cm. I was a little deflated, but also not surprised. Matthew had moved down to +2 station, so sitting right there, ready to be born, so I had some pressure. I started crying and saying I didn’t think I could do this again and then just went into “the zone”. I laid completely still, eyes closed, not speaking or moving for over an hour. In my head I just knew that I could not do anything else. A major difference between a labor with or without pitocin was that this time, with no pitocin, I felt I usually got a real break between contractions. Even if that break was only 20 seconds, it allowed me to visualize the contractions as a wave I was riding, if I could just make it to the top it would get better.

At 2:30pm I opened my eyes and yelled at Andy “GET THE NURSE!”, it was time to push, I just knew it. But I also knew it was “too soon”. Andy, and our nurse Veronica, I think were both skeptical but she checked me and to everyone’s amazement I was 9+cm! She called Dr. Wu who came right in. He checked me and pronounced me “complete!”. They got everything set up for Matthew’s arrival and I had to focus REALLY hard to not push. He was coming so fast they wanted to slow him down so my perineum had time to stretch, to prevent tears. I tried to focus on squeezing Andy’s hand instead of pushing which helped a little. I felt my bags of water break and then the “ring of fire” as they call it. I didn’t experience that with Charley because the OB gave me a huge episiotomy, but this time I definitely felt it. Then a sense of relief as Matthew’s head emerged, followed not long after by his body. I heard him cry and after a little suctioning with the bulb syringe by Dr. Wu he was placed right on my chest! Veronica remembered that was important to me and had pulled my gown up around my neck so Matthew & I could be skin to skin.

Within 5 minutes he was latched on and nursing like a pro. I had one small tear which Dr. Wu stitched up, after which he pulled a few clots out of my uterus which hurt almost more than labor, but post-partum I’m having much less bleeding.

Matthew was allowed to stay with me every minute thereafter, never leaving the room or my sight. It was an amazing birth. I felt empowered and in control. Matthew was 9lbs 1oz and 21 inches long!

I also found out post-birth that I have been walking around horribly anemic for who knows how long. My OB was genuinely shocked that I was functioning with my hemoglobin as low as it was. I’m now on an iron supplement to remedy that.

Praise God for His good gifts and our beautiful son Matthew, meaning Gift of God.
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Congratulations on your own little Gift from God Welcome, Matthew!
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