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can you think straight?

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i can't, sometimes. i've lost a lot of my "edge" so to speak. sometimes words/sentences don't come out straight, even. my quick wit is incredibly slow.

i blame the sleep depravation (sp). anyone else?
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Oh yeah. I find myself hoping that my friends don't notice. It's almost like being in a dream state where I don't have complete control over my mouth. I stumble over what I mean to say.
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Yea I think it's sleep deprivation partially and also just being a mom - more to think about and to try to multi-task. I've noticed that it's gotten worse with each subsequent child. Lol. Someday I'll have my mind back but then I won't know what to think about. ;-)
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I'm doing fine now, being back at work helps a lot actually, forces me to keep on top of everything. But I did have some major issues the first 4-5 weeks post partum this time, which was odd for me, didnt happen before! I just could not keep anything straight! I lost our camera like three times, kept misplacing my cell phone, forgot a few of Connor's therapy appts, had my days of the week mixed up...it was almost comical!!!
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oh yeah! i'm seriously having issues with the english language, remembering what i am in the middle of doing, getting minor tasks completed (and it's not the baby's fault anymore, she's really good at entertaining herself for short jaunts now).
i half blame the sleep, half blame an anti-depressant, and half blame not-working. oh and half blame plain getting old.
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yeah i'm with you, i wasn't doing that great BEFORE i had a baby
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I remember a time when I could track anything I needed to, could recall discussions verbatim, and could craft a coherent paragraph... it was before I had children..

The clarity began to return when DD was about 4 years old, and left again when I became pregnant with DS 1.
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phew!! I am not alone then?
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nak. . .totally with you ladies! I think I still speak ok, but the forgetfulness is out of control. seriously, i can't leave the house anymore. today went to a LLL meeting and forgot water to drink and chapstick (and i am never apart from my chapstick). other times it was sunglasses or my cell phone or even worse extra diapers!
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haha totally here! my bff definitely notices.
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yes. I'm more tired than usual. I start to wonder and then I remember..."Oh yeah, I have a 3 month old and a 3 1/2 year old". No wonder I'm tired. This is a good reminder to be easy on myself.
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Oh thank god! I thought it was just me... i sometimes also have troube understanding what someone says to me.
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Umm yeah. I used to go with the "losing braincells through breastmilk" theory but it's just sleep deprivation. Someone saw me with one baby and asked "How old is the baby?" and I said "Thank you!" cheerily. Yeah. She saw the other one right after that, nodded and walked away. I realized what I said about 60 seconds later.

Or waking in the middle of the night frantically searching for a baby you can't find - and looking down to see that particular baby LATCHED ON AND NURSING.

I really shouldn't be allowed to drive a car, but I have to anyhow.
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