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PP Hair loss/thinning STILL - 10 mo pp

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So, I know we all have shedding and loss after birth, but my hair is still breaking, thin and shedding at 10 months pp. One, what deficiencies are causing this? I'm thinking I'm probably low on a lot, since I'm nursing and was never great about taking my prenatal after birth. Two, what can I take to help replenish my body, hairwise and other? Thanks!
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I would make an effort to take the vitamins everyday. I think zinc is the mineral associated with hair issues, but if you're nursing, all the extra minerals won't hurt! If you're low on vitamins and minerals it can then affect your bones and teeth as well. It's easy to neglect ourselves with a new baby, but the baby depends on you to be well mama!
Sometimes we do lose hair for a while after giving birth, since we're not shedding as much during pregnancy. But any excuse to reflect on our health is good, right?
Take care of yourself!
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I noticed such a hair loss when my DS was 3-4 months old.. he is 6 mo now.. I am still losing alot of hair in the shower. I think alot of stress also contributes to it. I could use the same answers you are looking for..! I was going to post the same thing but wasnt sure what section to post in. Thanks!!
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have you had a thyroid panel run?
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Originally Posted by JacquelineR View Post
have you had a thyroid panel run?
I was going to suggest this. Thyroid and iron are the two things I'd look into.
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If it makes you feel any better... I 'shed' until my son was about a year old; Thought for SURE I was going bald. It magically stopped right around 12 months. I've read that by a year PP, it should stop. I think you still have a bit of time!
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dd had that problem after her second child. She says biotin - a B vitamin, helped her.
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