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Weird toddler behavior? Stimmimg?

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DS is just a few weeks shy of 3, and ever since I can remember he has had a few odd tics.

Before he was 1 yr he would love to spin things and watch it as he wiggled his hands and fingers by his side and wiggled his toes. We thought he would outgrow it but he still does this. He doesn't spin things like he used to though. He hit all his milestones, except talking, on time.

He was a late talker, but is now is talking up a storm. He was evaluated autism when he had a speech evaluation, but passed. He has great eye contact, answers when called, very affectionate, and interacts with other children, though he is somewhat shy.

He is a pretty normal kid, just has those weird tics. DH and are are going to bring it up to our ped at his next appt, just to be sure.

Now, instead of spinning things, he will watch his favorite TV show or something and stand up and start twiddling his fingers while rocking side to side on his feet. He is really excited when he does this. Part of me thinks he is just really excited and this is how he processes emotions etc, like I have read kids do when stimming, but I just want to know WHY. Will he outgrow it? I don't want him being ostracized at school... (right now he is home with me)

His appt is next month. I am just confused... is this kind of behavior normal? Anyone else have a toddler that does this?
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You didn't get one response?

Did you cross post anywhere else?
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I'll be honest, I have no experience with what you describe, but I think that ifyour gut is telling you something's up, then mentioning it to your ped and having it checked out is worth it.
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