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This is the list my midwives gave me when I asked last appointment:

Mandatory for Hospital:
- diapers for baby (I suspect they stock sposies - the other hospital said "bring your own" too but I never cracked the pack open - they provided, but anyway I want to CD from the beginning assuming it's a normal birth)
- Sanitary napkins - will probably buy a few of those mesh panties and I'll be using cloth after the first day or so for me too
- Car filled with gas and know the route to the hospital
- Coins for overnight parking
- Toiletries for mother and baby
- 2 changes of clothes for baby (I have some second-hand flannel nighties that someone must have liberated from some hospital years ago; those will get used)
- infant car seat

Optional (and I'll likely bring most of it)
- food and drink for both partners - and m/w suggested bringing my own water as the water at the hospital isn't very tasty - safe but not tasty apparently!
- night gown and slippers/sandals - crocs are a great idea - thanks!
- body lotion
- hot water bottle and magic bag
- Lip balm
- Gatorade (and I'll be bringing Emergen-C too)
- Camera (black and white film is nice, 400iso is also nice; babies are usually born at night - I didn't know this!)
- Gravol, Tylenol, Ibuprofen

I brought an iPod (or its predecssor anyway!) last time and never used it. Ditto books, etc etc. I doubt I'll bother this time.

But I'm not planning on packing until at least mid-January. Gotta get Christmas out of the way first!