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dandy lion leaves, i have the same problem. take fresh leaves let them sit 4 an hour in a bowl then well pee on them wait 10/30 mins if they start to turn red with spots then grads.

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I have never had a pregnancey test be positive on me either..... I was only pregnant once but I took 3 tests I finally went to the doc @ 8 weeks and took a blood test.  And it was positive : )

I am trying to get pregnant and I very much feel like I am.  Sore breasts and swollen. It's been 5 weeks since my last period, however I usually have a 5 week cycle. I'm looking for advice. Am I jumping the gun by taking 3 at home tests. Is it to early to go to the doc and take blood test?

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Do you mean the inner labia with the color change? My last cycle was March 12, I believe I conceived the weekend of March 24 which would put me approx. 5 weeks now. I have had neg urine and blood tests with my ob. I have all the symptoms except nausea..sore breasts/nipples, fatigue, missed period, and my cervix is like a faucet, and i feel like someone's fist is constantly pressing on my bladder with slight pressure and need for frequent urination. I don't have children yet...what does a "first time" cervix feel like?  thanks to anyone who can respond!

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Ok so I am 9 days late, pg pee tests keep coming up negative hubby had a vasectomy( but never got his spem count checked) 2 years ago. Not sure I should spend the money to have a blood test done at this point. I have never gone more than 28 days in a cycle since I was 11 unless I was pg. not sure how I can tell.
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A friend of mine was told she was pregnant by her dentist because she had a type of dental issue specific to pregnancy, think it was a type of gingivitis? But of course that doesn't help you.

Might be too woo-woo for you, but some people use a wedding ring on a string as a pendulum (or any other pendulum) to get an answer.

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