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I had pitocin and eventually a c-section and my son did not have jaundice. In hindsight though - despite the fact that he was perfectly healthy - I would have done things differently and not agreed to pitocin.
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no pit w/ either labor and no jaundice w/ either
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Both of mine had moderate jaundice and no pitocin. I'm not sure if the pitocin makes jaundice worse, but I know it makes some things go off physiologically. It has been linked to behavioral problems, but no conclusive results.
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Never had a drop of Pit, have had a jaundice baby.

Namaste, Tara
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*raises hand*

Pitocin at 41w5d after two days of labor at home, c/s at 42w exactly, pathological jaundice that required two weeks of phototherapy and took six weeks to completely clear. My baby looked like a Simpson, minus the pointy hair.
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jaundice has been created as a huge worry for everyone - when in fact, like a PP mentioned, the baby's liver has to process out all medications given to mom (even with epidurals!) along with the extra red blood cells after birth. it makes sense that there will be SOME jaundice.

it's babies that are SICK - acting sick and not feeding - that need to be watched with jaundice.

I feel like too many babies are put under bililights, which in turn makes them lethargic and not able to feed well - which exaggerates the jaundice, however benign, and freaks out providers more. It's horrible.
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I had no pitocin, and DD had some jaundice. Not enough for the lights, only what the pediatrician called "a touch of jaundice, no big deal," but she was really groggy and sleepy and had trouble nursing.
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No pit for either birth.

First dd had jaundice.

Second dd did not.

I attribute it to the fact that dd1's cord was cut right away and dd2's was not.
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I had about 6 hours of pitocin after 23 hours of laboring drug-free...dd had terrible juandice and wa snot only in the hospital for it, we had one of those bililight things for three days at home too...ugh...here's hoping this one turns out better!!!
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Originally Posted by pamamidwife

I feel like too many babies are put under bililights, which in turn makes them lethargic and not able to feed well - which exaggerates the jaundice, however benign, and freaks out providers more. It's horrible.
Really? Can the lights actually make them MORE lethargic? My ds was completely un-wakeable before we had one of those take home light thingys. It wasn't until after he was under the light for a few hours, that he would wake up long enough to get some good breastmilk in him and then things started getting better.

What I don't understand is why the doctors can't let the babies stay at home with the home lights. It seems like too many docs just check the baby back into the hospital, and that to me, is sad. Although if the babe needs treatment...I suppose its better than brain damage...
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I have never been sure which type of Jaundice my son had. It was already there day 2-3, but it lasted until he was about 6 weeks old. The length it lasted is like breastfeeding jaundice, but that isn't suppose to start as soon as his did. He was under the lights for about 30 hours at 8 days old. The highest level was 21 when he went in the lights and about 12 when he came out. But he continued to look yellow until 6 weeks. He never seemed sick or had any trouble breastfeeding (when in the lights he slept the whole time, I would wake him to nurse every few hours and he did with no problem). I also had no pit or other drugs during labor. The reason I'm wondering is because I've always felt that he didn't need to be in the lights even though his level was high, but I'm not sure. I'd like to work this out before I have another one so I can make the best decision should it happen again. Any thoughts?
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2 births.

No pit either time.

Both quite jaundiced (and since we didn't know the gender either time, both wearing lots of yellow clothes)

Cord not cut immediately either time. Waited longer with #2, yet she was MUCH more jaundiced than #1.

Both came out quite ruddy, and the ped told me that jaundice is fetal hemoglobin breaking down and being excreted. THey both apparently had a lot of fetal hemoglobin.

FWIW, #2 was a pound heavier at birth than #1, so maybe she had more blood to get jaundiced?
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My first was an induction with pitocin and he was jaundiced.

My second was an unplanned c-section but without labor - so no pitocin. No jaundice either.

FWIW I am also convinced that pitocin causes sensory issues.
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Pitocin and Jaundice Poll

Hi all,

Interesting poll. Thought I'd chime in.

DS was in fetal stress after me being in labor for almost a day with very little change in my cervix (3 cm). Midwife did a very slow drip of Pitocin due to the contractions being unproductive and baby's heart rate varied wildly. He did have jaundice. Some bfing problems, but the same problems with my ds. Her birth was very quick, no Pitocin, no fetal stress and no jaundice.
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My first was induced with pitocin (24hrs and maxed out Pit) and did not have jaundice.
My second was not induced, no pit was involved and also did not have jaundice.

My sister has had 3 children and all 3 times she had labor on her own without any pitocin. All 3 of her children had severe jaundice.

My mom did not have pitocin with any of her 4 births. 3 of her children had jaundice and 1 did not (me).
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I had the following:
First baby-pitocin, failed epidural, immediate cord cutting, low grade jaundice
Second baby-pitocin, delayed cord cutting, severe jaundice that required hospitalization (her levels got to 48)
Third baby-wasnt mine, but no pitocin, delayed cord cutting, no jaundice (this was a surrogate baby)'
Fourth baby-no pitocin, delayed cord cutting, moderate jaundice-she was not tested for her bili levels until 4 weeks, at which point they were almost 13. She stayed jaundice until 10 weeks old.

In my case, I believe my first just had typical newborn jaundice, but my second and fourth babies I believe had ABO jaundice. It isnt official, but I am O+ and my dh is A-. I dont know for sure, but I have to wonder if delaying the cord cutting actually caused their jaundice to be worse (just in this case though).
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In my case--

Baby #1--homebirth, delayed cord clamping, a bit of jaundice
Baby #2--homebirth, delayed cord clamping, no jaundice
Baby #3--induced with pit, delayed cord clamping, lots of jaundice (level reached 21, I think). I think we had ABO incompatibility, too. It was a miserable experience all around
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Cytotec/Pit induction, jaundiced babe. Nothing severe though.
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My only baby to have jaundice was the only one with whom I did not have Pitocin during labor. Of course, she was the only one with whom I did not labor, and she was early as well.
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Pit. from the get go w/ both births. No jaundice for either baby.
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