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Divine Coverings

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Wow, I am amazed by the customer service from Miss Awesome--I mean, Amber. She rocks my world!!! The first order I got from her didn't fit, and she refunded my order, including shipping costs, and I have recently received my new order from her and I am beyond thrilled. I got a Bamboo fitted diaper, and that sweet lady upgraded my shipping (I live out in Finland) so I'd get it right quick, which is above and beyond any expectations I had! I am in *heaven* about the freebie she stuck in, too, by the way!

But about the Bamboo fitted--the fabric inside (the bamboo) is truly luxe like cashmere, and the print on the outside is SO vibrant and gorgeous, even after washings. I love this thing. It is trimmer through the crotch than even a firefly, and the elastics around the edge are not ruffly at all (I hate ruffles) but still really perfect for holding in messes (elastic around the waist, both front and back, as well as legs).
I cannot wait to order more when she stocks 'em---I keep rubbing that bamboo fabric against my cheek!!!!:LOL
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I bought a small Bamboo Fitted and a small Fig Leaf Fitted. Amber is truly one of the sweetest WAHMs from whom I've bought diapers.

I did not care for these diapers. The fabrics were beautiful, but they bled. The bamboo fabric was very soft, but it pilled horribly. Both diapers were lopsided--each side of the front panel was a different shape, and so were the wings.

These were very trim through the legs. I felt that the soakers were a little wide for the width of the diaper--the soakers almost covered the elastic in the legs. The soaker on the Fig Leaf Fitted was a tri-fold. When folded, it was literally almost an inch thick.
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I bought a large fig leaf fitted diaper

from Amber and it is awesome. Perfectly sewn, very nice and trim in the crotch and the trifold soaker is super absorbent! He wore it for 2 hours and it was still not very wet. The print is an awesome gecko print. Drys in a snap. I really love this diaper. Stinker is 32 pounds and the large fits on the tightest snap setting. He will be able to wear it through to potty training. Excellent workmanship and fast shipping.
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I bought a custom wool cover and a custom wool wet bag from Amber and while they both are very nice looking and seem to be well made I did have quite a few issues and will not buy from her again.

The cover that I got again is very nice looking - it's adorable actually - I love the look. But the sides are too skinny and will not cover the majority of my fitted dipes. Overall it's small- I had ordered a Large but it looks to be more like a medium. The bag was great - very pretty and works nice.

Customer service started out great - she communicated a lot with me and I really liked her. But then she told me she was going to ship my item in two days and would send me a confirmation number. A week later I still hadn't heard anything so I e-mailed her. I got no response. I tried again a couple of days later and still nothing. I tried a couple more times with nothing. I started to get really worried that I had been ripped off. I finally heard from her after my 5th e-mail and she apologized and said that she would send it right away and would make it up to me by sending me a free matching fitted once I told her if the size was OK on the cover. I received the cover and bag about a week after this (never did get a shipping confirmation number).

I was pysched about the possibility of a free fitted and e-mailed her concerning the sizing of the cover and telling her that I would anxiously await the free fitted.

Needless to say I never received the free fitted or a response. I hate to complain about a WAHM, but I was really disappointed in the whole experience.
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I did a trade for one of Amber's gorgeous Fig Leaf Fitteds...and OH MY GOSH!!! My little girl LOVED it...didn't want to take it off!!! LOL!

It was so beautifully sewn...and SO soft and comfy. On my 3 yo it's not bulky at all!! I love it SOOOOO much!!! Thanks, Amber!
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