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Anybody else cry over this?

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We took down the crib--which dd hasn't slept in for a month or two--to make room for, well, Christmas. And i could not control the water works! Even the thought of taking it down, beforehand, made me cry! I don't know what wrong with me! I thought i was fine with not having anymore (by choice), but now i have to wonder!

Has anyone else broken down over putting away baby stuff?

p.s. i was fine with everything else--freecycled clothes and paraphenalia like it was nothing.
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Not just yet. I've done the bucket car seats and the clothes, now the baby swing. Not the crib, just yet. It's such a bitter sweet moment. But, I don't think I could do another baby. (I have to keep reminding myself that!)
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I get emotional over getting rid of baby stuff all the time. Even the crib which Dd never ONCE slept in, and we only had because someone gave to us!
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I don't think I actually cried, but the hardest for me was when dd outgrew her newborn-sized clothes and diapers
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I have pretty much become a big cry baby. I cried over the bed. I cried when I first donated a bunch of her stuff. Everytime I go through everything and try to cut down a little more, I cry. I cry over carseats and clothes she never wore and when I gave my nursery rocker to my cousin, it was hard. I'm hanging on to this big ugly BROKEN recliner because of all the nights I spent rocking her ALL night long. You'd think I'd be glad to see the back of it, those were some hard nights, but she's getting so grown up and we're probably not going to have anymore - but mostly, it's all going by so fast.

And now I'm going to cry some more.
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Aww. I haven't but I certainly understand it. I think I am always mourning the loss of their baby-hoods a little, so it doesn't hit me too hard all at once. Augie is definately my last and I have felt since he was two weeks old sad for the time that's behind us. Sigh...
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my friend was done having kids by her choice. She cried when she took down the crib . Then she took it to the consignment store, they made her reassemble it before they would take it. So she was sitting in the room where the equipment is, sobbing as she reassembled it.

I don't remember being sad when I took the crib down. but i am sure other things made me cry and cry and cry.
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I have a 3 month old and ive already cried as i put one of her first shoes, tiny mary janes, in her memory box. im a total sap.
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It always made me a little sad to take the crib down or get rid of the baby stuff. It made me realize that my little one was growing up.
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Yes, my almost 3 year old still sleeps in his crib. He's as long as it is, but he curls up and comes to our bed halfway through, so I see him in there a couple more years until I get tough enough to get rid of it.
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I'm not sentimental about cribs -- but other baby related things such as diapers, tiny clothes, etc. -- definitely. Makes me super sad now that my youngest is 2.5 and not very babyish at all lately. The only thing that keeps me from really being emotional about it is the fact that we are TTC. If I knew for sure that he was our last -- I would be a basket case (well, more than I already am ).

It's not so much that the kids are getting older -- I mean, I get a bit weepy when DD does something super grown up (she's 8), but leaving the pregnancy, baby, nursing, co-sleeping, diapering stage bums me out majorly.
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I am totally sentimental about stuff like that. So what I've done is keep items here & there, like those first cute tiny sneakers, a pair of baby socks, one of his little onesies, a baby blanket....just a little collection and I keep it in my bottom drawer; the rest had to go, for space reasons. I am SO super-sappy about his clothes, too....like the little t-shirts; I can still feel that cuddly baby body in them.

Being a mama turns us wierd, doesn't it? :-)
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what did me in was putting away the last onsie. that is what defined babyhood for me.

that and the first time I got into my car and there were no carseats in it. I had at least one in there for 10 solid years. I mean there was joy at not having to buckle anyone in any more but to see my car so empty of babies...
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I cried buckets when I packed up dd's diapers and put them up in the attic. She PL'd suddenly and abruptly at 20 mo old and for some reason i still get choked up b/c I have no clue which diaper was her last or what that very last diaper change was like.
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I can't seem to get rid of my DD's shoes, I have almost every pair she has ever owned up in her closet.....something about them, maybe because she wore them every day for months at a time, but I just can't get rid of them! Every time she outgrows a pair I think about throwing them out or giving them away and 30 seconds later up on the closet shelf they go.
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My guy has a ton of hair. Hubby has been pushing hard for a haircut since our son's hair went curly (and stayed that way) this past summer. His hair is definitely getting too long but I've been putting off a haircut because I worry he'll look like a little boy and not a baby anymore with shorter hair!
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I totally understand. I'm having a hard time giving my bumbo and baby tub to my SIL and she has a new little one who would actually use it. I'm very happy she had a boy so I wouldn't feel obligated to give her my baby clothes! I'm just not to that point yet.

I'm not sad because I want more babies. It's more of a sadness because I miss my DD being a tiny baby.
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My mom's best friend loaned us her DD's crib and handed down her rocker. When she was here babysitting a few weeks ago, she was rocking DD in the nursery and at first didn't even realize why she was crying. Her DD is 24... so maybe it never really gets better...
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The crib didn't bother me, but I was surprised at how sad I was to sell the Bob jogging stroller. I think I didn't realize how much I associated it with DS' toddlerhood (naps, walks to park, etc, etc).

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I cried when I lent out my baby sling to a dear friend. My DD is 7 yo and I still have her yellow stroller and her little red tricycle. She will just have to give them to her kids because I'm NEVER parting with them.
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