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sorry mtnmoonmama. I'm in the same boat as most of the previous posts. I'm TERRIFIED of L&D. I'm also pretty scared of bfing. I'm scared that I won't be able to or that I'll meet some obstacle I wasn't expecting and really struggle with it. I'm actually most scared that I'll HATE bfing I'm not sure why on that one. I guess the...sensation (not sure of the word choice) that I imagine is not something I want. Hopefully it won't feel like I think it will and I'll be able to do it without any problems.

For L&D-I don't know if anything has ever scared me more in life! Right now I'm really trying to figure out if I'm going to get an epidural. I've heard that, without one, you're able to listen to your body more (feel when to push, etc). Is that the case? I know there's a few of you who have had the epi with one or more births and then not had it for another. What differences were there? I think I have a very low pain threshold, so not getting one terrifies me, but I kind of want to feel what's going on with my body... so confused!
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The thought of giving birth doesn't particularly scare me, but I can't say that I'm looking forward to it either. Interested maybe - every single one of my births has been different, despite some similarities...so it should be interesting how this one plays out.
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I'm not scared of L&D at all. Right after DD was born (13 hours of labour, almost 4 of pushing!) I told DH "I can do this again". I'm just not in the headspace yet that I'm going to be doing it in give or take 8 weeks... !! Christmas plus work is taking up all of my cognitive resources right now.

marcib - Before DD was born, I was pretty ambivalent towards nursing. The thought actually made me a little uncomfortable and I wasn't sure I'd want to do it. It didn't quite gross me out - but I was on that wavelength. I knew I would "at least for a while" because, well, it was the right thing to do. But I didn't think I'd enjoy it. And I read everything I could about it, watched Dr. Newman's videos, lurking on bf-ing boards so that at least in theory I knew what I was doing. It worked, and she latched and it was fine. At 4 months, a friend came over with her (weaned) 2-year-old and I told DH afterwards "can you believe that some people nurse until their kids are THAT big??"

Well.. DD nursed until she was 3.5. That was definitely not planned and I think I would have run screaming if you'd told me that before she was born! It just kind of... snuck up on me. And I never absolutely loved it. I never had that "connected to all mothers" thing, or got the goopy feelings. But... if felt like it was right. The funny thing is, here I am about to bf again, a year after DD weaned, and I can't imagine nursing a 3yo!! LOL!

All this to say... don't panic too much about it. Sometimes things do just work out.
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Thanks Perdita! I don't know why it makes me so nervous. When I shower and go to get out the tiny bit of white build-up in there, it just makes me that much more nervous. It just feels weird to have anything there. That's actually the biggest turn-off for me when I think about DTD I don't even want DH touching there. My nipples just feel different, and not good different. I hope that changes enough once baby's here to allow me to feel good about it (bc I'm determined to do it for a while at least)!!
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Originally Posted by marcib28 View Post
Thanks Perdita! I don't know why it makes me so nervous. When I shower and go to get out the tiny bit of white build-up in there, it just makes me that much more nervous. It just feels weird to have anything there. That's actually the biggest turn-off for me when I think about DTD I don't even want DH touching there. My nipples just feel different, and not good different. I hope that changes enough once baby's here to allow me to feel good about it (bc I'm determined to do it for a while at least)!!
Yes. I totally get this. After the initial adjustment, your nipples stretch more and you are able to tolerate more contact. It's a funny thing- I guess it's the oxytocin or something but it became less annoying and I felt warmer towards the baby. I didn't want my DH to touch me at all there until she weaned, which is slightly neurotic perhaps. Good news is it passed and I got my boobs back. For awhile, anyway. DD weaned only 2 mos before I was pg again. NEVER thought in a million years I would have bf'ed until 22 mos, but time just passed that way and I didn't want to end the relationship traumatically.
I'm grateful it worked out as well as it did, b/c I too was convinced I wouldn't be able to or that my supply would diminish, etc. I was pressured by the health visitors here to supplement, but it was b/c they were using growth charts from bottle fed babies. As long as the baby is healthy and growing, it's OK.
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I nursed my first to age 3 -- was waiting for her to self-wean, but it didn't happen, and I was TIRED of it! Nursed my second to 12 months -- she DID self-wean, but mostly because I was working full-time. At age 2.5, she is still addicted to a pacifier, so I feel like she needed to nurse longer. Third and final baby gets to nurse as long as he/she wants. Okay, unless it's past age 3; I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to be able to wear one-piece dresses again after three years!

Midwife appt yesterday. Measuring 28cm at 31 weeks...Growth is steady, but staying on the small side. I don't like it. Want more growth!

Did a lot of shopping/walking last week. Didn't have pain, but became exhausted, and realized that particular exhaustion is what I feel when I am dilating! Laying down and drinking water helps every time, though. More than once, I've been dilated to around 4, and laid down and drank water, and an hour later was totally back to 0/1. CRAZY! I never checked this kind of thing with my other pregnancies; it's fascinating. Also, TOTALLY will be going for a long walk in labor if it helps me dilate without pain!

Contractions only come at night or with stress, and they are erratic and usually weak. They've been freaking me out, but my midwife said it's okay because they always go away when I work on them (baths, WATER, sleep).

Still not sleeping at night -- the hormones are just so strong for me in the third trimester; I can't shut my brain off. I wants me Zoloft! Why do I still have to see a shrink before I can get the same stuff I was on last pregnancy? Shouldn't easy Zoloft be one of the benefits of living in South America?!
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Good morning I am feeling happy today.
I am going to go get some much needed exercise right now. It has been so cold here and I have felt so super lazy that I have not been doing much- but I am going to do a walk right now.
Last night my baby was moving around so much for hours and hours- in a really good way, and it just gave me this really happy feeling to feel all that life force in me.
Have a good day everyone and everyone's little one growing within.
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another appt. down yesterday. My glucose test numbers were great, and everything else looked good except my weight (4lbs in a little less than 2 weeks). I think that *might* be able to be somewhat explained by severe constipation YUCK! My usual fiber filled diet isn't doing the trick anymore and I really need to consider a softner. I'm nervous that might be too much of a shock to my system, but I think it's necessary. MW suggested taking 1 pill (Colace) everynight for 3 nights. I bought it, but didn't take it last night.

I don't think I'm scared of birth - I'm really interested to see how it goes. My mom is really the only person I have talked about labor with in depth and she loved giving birth, so I think I have always had a pretty good perspective to counterbalance all the people that try to tell me how horrible/painful/scary it is.

I'm just really nervous about the hospital experience. I have never stayed in a hospital overnight, and I am really anxious about the staff that will be there. I do really like the 2 midwives that I go to, but I don't know what nurse I will have and that scares me. I'm still really sad I won't be birthing at home - I thought that would get better by now, but it is still a really emotional subject for me. Hopefully the birth class will help in lots of ways, including working on my mindset.
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Just got back from an appt. All is going as smooth as a baby's bottom. Speaking of which, when my OB was feeling around on my belly for the baby, she felt that he was head down and felt a soft bottom at the top of my belly!

I've gained 2lbs in 2 weeks, measuring spot on. I asked if I was going to have another U/S between now and 'then' and she said that they will make an excuse to have one - so that we can see the baby and so that she can get an idea of the weight.

So, as far as being scared of L&D, I'm not at all. I think it's because I've BTDT. I'll get scared if something doesn't go as planned or go as smoothly as it did with DS. But no sense in working myself up before then.

And regarding the 'sensation' part of BF'ing - I had thought about that, too, before I started nursing DS and it is NOTHING like what you think it will be. Sure, it feels weird at first - but then so, so natural after you and the baby get the hang of it.
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I'm another who looks forward to giving birth. I'm trying not to look forward to it too much - I don't want my cervix to get any ideas until full term! Sunday I was really uncomfortable again, and the old "am I having too many contractions" worry started back up, but I once again just had to drink more water than a fish, and then I felt better. You would think I would learn, but I just never remember to drink. I'm sitting here right now with no water on my desk, bad me.

I still don't have my linea nigra! I don't remember when it showed up in my first pregnancy, and it looks like I never wrote it down, but I had a nice dark one. This time, there's hardly the faintest of lines. I kind of miss it... but maybe it's a girl this time or something?

I can't decide if 9-10 more weeks is a scary short amount of time to get everything done, or if it's forever.

Over the last few days, the baby has started doing something different - some kind of squirming way down in my pelvis that hurts! I think I remember this from the first pregnancy - this morning I got the same weird zinging feeling in my cervix that I started getting at Thanksgiving the first time (January baby that time, so I'm right on schedule). I keep waiting for things to feel different so I will believe that maybe this one won't be breech. The midwife says head-down, but I can't quite convince myself yet.
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I had SUCH a zinger this morning - woah. I never got this with DD, but this one stopped me in my tracks. Good thing I was working at home!
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I continue to be up and down. Ugh. I don't know if it's just normal mom stuff or if it's hormone related...it just seems that I cry so easily when I'm frustrated these days. Blargh.

Please mamas, tell me I do NOT have to go to DH's stupid holiday on Friday night! Not only is it like 20 miles south on a freeway that will be totally gridlocked, but we'd have to bring 3-year-old, bull-in-a-china-shop DS! Supposedly the hostess is having her 11 yo grandaughter there to entertain him, but I still say, ugh. And I've never met any of these people. And I'm an introvert. I told him he can take DS and go by himself, I'll stay home and take a realllllly long bath. Seriously, I don't have to go, do I?! Don't pregnant ladies get a pass for things like this?!
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Keeta, ugh. I hope you get out of it!

I'm feeling sort of neutral about giving birth. I didn't love the experience last time, but feel confident it will go better this time, and I still remember the amazing glowy feeling aftward of having my baby in my arms--that makes me ready to go there and get the job done.

I had my hair cut and colored today. You know how you're not really supposed to get all over color while pregnant, well, I sort of do anyway. Because I'm gray otherwise, dangit. And I don't like being gray. But today my stylist couldn't quite get the color right (I don't like being accidently blonde either!!) and I ended up getting colored three times. Yikes! Two of them involved foil--not all over color--but still! Seems a bit excessive. Oh well, my hair now looks as close to Lisa Loeb's dye job as it's ever going to get.

In other news, I finished my second-to-last crafty Christmas project today, and I'm proud of it. It's a robe for my beautiful SIL. It turned out so well, I think I may need one myself in a different color. That's what gifting is all about, right?
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The fact that there is a September DDC doesn't even surprise me anymore. We are almost done. I will be getting induced at 38 weeks (just as I have with my other kids too due to my sugarbeetis) I only got 5 weeks till my son is here.
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Holy cow! September still feels like it was just yesterday! I can't believe there's a Sept DDC!

I feel as though the movements this baby makes sometimes are kind of weird. They're so FAST! I can barely make a movement of any kind as quickly as he'll move sometimes. And it's not like he's even moving all of his body, it's just a part...really weird I think (not sure though b/c I've got nothing to compare it to).
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One annoying thing I have sometimes these days is shortness of breath. I really don't like that! Anyone else have that? It comes and goes. I think I m carrying high as I am not having to pee all the time these days so I think the bulk of the womb and baby is resting more upwards than downwards.
Once I get exercising it gets better but sometimes when I am still it is a drag.

I love the way my baby moves right now. Even my dh finally felt a deep connection from the movement yesterday- I could see his eyes light up USed to be I would feel it and dh would just feel a little tap. But now it is like- a real whole person in there and it is just super cool.
It is so cool to be experiencing the last couple of months before I become a first time mom! What a big thing!
I tried to order my co sleeper yesterday but they were out of stock of the one I want! Have to look for it elsewhere. Finally ordered my diapers and they should arrive today in the mail.
I turn 30 weeks today! On the late end of Feb so behind many of you but it is fun to see you all go through things before I do as manhy of you are 3 weeks farther than I am.
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I have been up and down too. Yesterday, you would have thought my world was falling apart, today, I feel pretty good and chipper. It is really weird because it doesn't even seem to go with if I have gotten enough sleep etc. It literally is just what my hormones are doing at that point. Luckily I have been able to just tell DH that I just need support and that while I know my response seems exaggerated, it is still how I feel. He has been super great at taking care of the roller coaster me.
I can't believe it is time for me to get things organized for the birth! I haven't even gotten everything I need and the holidays are going to make time fly by even faster! I am excited about giving birth and I think I am in the group looking forward to it. I know I am a first timer and really don't know what it will feel like, but I am looking forward to the connection with my husband, seeing what my body will do, and getting to hold my little baby. I've seen a lot of births, been to some, and I know that they can be super painful, but it is always for a short time relative to life. I don't know, that is my perspective today
Hope everyone is feeling good!
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I felt very empowered by giving birth, and that and having a baby around will probably be the few things I'll miss about not having another child. I've seriously considered being a surrogate, but I don't feel the need to be pregnant again.

I'm looking forward to giving birth, it doesn't really scare me. Generally, I don't let things I can't change bother me that much... things could go wrong, but I know I'll have done my best to limit those risks. Plus, I'm starting to get uncomfortable, all the more reason to be excited about birth.

hapersmion - I can't decide if 9-10 more weeks is a scary short amount of time to get everything done, or if it's forever.
That's exactly how I've been feeling!
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I just was crying because I am so sad and frustrated about living so far from our parents and friends during such an important time in my life... I feel guilty almost because we requested this army post and now we are just SO far... I feel horrible that they have to pay so much money just to go and see their first grandbaby... My husband says that they don't mind and look forward to visiting Europe too but ugh, it's just a heavy, sad feeling...

Well, I checked my baby registry and I got three things!!!! hahaha, it's funny how that made me feel better, more connected somehow. I almost feel like people will forget all about me and I won't have any support from friends back home but now I feel better. I am not usually so materialistic and excited to get presents but it really did cheeer me up. haha
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Lauren How long are you in Germany for?
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