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Before DC#1, I worked full time out of the house, DH worked full time at home. We thought after my maternity leave was up DH could care for DC at home and work at home AT THE SAME TIME! You know, she'd play on the floor on her playmat or with her blocks while DH got his work done. When she wasn't napping of course.

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i thought i'd never ever want to be a SAHM and was planning on going back to work after a couple months. that obviously hasnt happened.
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My favourite was my sister, who gave me all kinds of crap about the fact that I let ds1 sit on the coffee table. She felt it was a huge discipline issue. The fact was that I frequently sat on that same coffee table, and we just didn't have an issue with it in our house. It wasn't a discipline issue at all - it was a different viewpoint about whether or not it was acceptable to sit on the coffee table. She had her first son when ds1 was two, and apologized for her comments...because she couldn't keep him off the coffee table, even though she tried.

The next best was a guy I used to talk to online who assured me that he knew exactly what parenting was going to be like and how good he'd be at it, if and when he and his wife had kids, because he'd just taken his nephew overnight and it went great. Ooookay, then.
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I have a friend who was pregnant for the first time. She was having twins, and I know she was TERRIBLY uncomfortable. I felt so bad for her because I knew she was really having a hard time. But there was this one time I will never forget, late in her pregnancy when she exclaimed, "I can't WAIT for these babies to be born so I can finally get some sleep!!"

I knew what she meant but I still nearly choked on my drink.
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i went to a baby shower for a family friend. it was her first baby, and she was young, i think 20 (i had my first at 19, so im not dissing young moms) well i was already the mother of 2 children, and i was the oldest person at the shower, and the only one with kids already. my friend got like, 20 packs of burp cloths as gifts, and people kept telling her that she would need them all of the time. i looked at all these 19 year old, not mommies, and said " youll never have one when you need it, and when your kid pukes all over you, youl reach for anything you can get your hands on to wipe it up. ive used dirty laundry, clean laundry, the sleeve on my own shirt...." those girls looked at me like i had grown a second head and my friend said "oh no, i will never be doing that. that is just yucky." well guess what she does now.
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Definitely the most idiotic things I heard came from my own mouth- here's a few:
-when my husband confessed his desire for a family bed, my response was "no way! that kills babies! and besides, our bed is for us- the baby needs to know his/her place!" (my now 15 m.o. has been sleeping with us 100% of the time since about 3 weeks old, and I wouldn't have it any other way)
-"when a child is old enough to ask to nurse, he/she is way too old to be nursing!" (my 15 m.o. asks, and when is told yes, it's time for milk, runs to our nursing spot and gets herself in position- and no, i have no plans on weaning anytime soon)
-i actually had a lot of breastfeeding support while pregnant (my SIL is pretty militant about it) but somehow, i never thought past the first nursing session. i was so focused on getting that intial latch and producing colostrum, that i was completely unprepared for the fact that the baby would need to continue nursing- every day- at least every 2 hours!!! i swear i thought she would age from newborn to 10 year old overnight or something...
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Pre-baby I judged my SIL for bedsharing with her son that was a long time ago though before I discovered MDC, which was before I had my own baby

I know a woman who is pregnant with twins and her bf was talking about how the first 6 months won't be too bad because all they will do is eat and sleep - easy!! I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise!
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I definitely said/thought some crazy things.

I planned on breastfeeding, but never thought it would mean so much to me. About 8 years ago, my sister-in-law was told by their pediatrician to stop supplementing with formula because her son (my nephew) wasn't gaining enough. I was about 18, and didn't know why hearing that was such a big deal to her and why it was so hard. Now I feel terrible about not really supporting her.

I never ever thought we would co-sleep, and now we do. And for now I love it!

I always thought I would be fine going back to work, in fact, that I would want to. Now I wish I could stay home with my little babe.

I'm sure there are more, but that's what I came up with for now.
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I don't think I've heard too many things like this. I think my expectations were fairly realistic, but it's still a shock doing it day in and day out (DS is 15 months). I think I actually get more sleep than I thought I would. I'm expecting maybe I'll get shown when he is a teenager, because I get along so well with most teens that I tend to think I'll be a good teen mom, but who really knows?
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Pretty much any phrase that begins with "I'll never..." or "My kids will never..."

When I was in high school, I had a teacher I never got along with. Her son was an infant when I was in her class and somehow we got on the topic of when kids are potty-trained. She just couldn't believe there was a kid we were talking about that wasn't fully potty-trained at 3 years old. She said "My son will most definitely be potty trained by 2 years old". I laughed at her then and told her she was crazy if she thought all kids were potty trained by 2 years old. I still see her occasionally and always want to ask what age her son was potty trained.
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Originally Posted by NiteNicole View Post
I think I'm pretty much the one who said all the crazy things pre-kids. I knew nothing. I possibly know less now, but at least I KNOW I don't know.

Sounds like me!

Before DD was born, I was totally convinced that I would simply hire a nanny and return to law school within a few months. But, once I layed eyes on my LO I realized that there was no way in He** that I could leave her!!! She is almost 2.5 yo and I am just now getting things in order to return to law school w/i the next year or two...maybe...
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I definitely was a bit judge-y on the co-sleeping before I had kids. I assumed that mothers who co-slept did it, not in the best interests of their children, but because they were overly attached to their babies... and I am now a happily, overly attached, co-sleeping mama.
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Long before I got pregnant I kind of agreed with the rest of my family that my cousin was "weird" for co-sleeping, extended BFing and especially ECing. Lo and behold, I've become at least as "weird", if not weirder!

Of course, the more I've learned about all of these things, the worse I feel for having judged her.

I also didn't see why my SIL wouldn't let her one-year old CIO to get him sleeping through the night... NO WAY would I do that now!
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You know, there were even things I said after having one child that have actually happened.

When I just had one I couldn't ever imagine wanting to be away from her for more than a couple of hours, but there were a few times after I had #3 that I fantasized pretty seriously about running away. And I thought that everything my dd did would delight me forever. Ha! She's not even 7 and drives me crazy sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Fuamami View Post
You know, there were even things I said after having one child that have actually happened.

When I just had one I couldn't ever imagine wanting to be away from her for more than a couple of hours, but there were a few times after I had #3 that I fantasized pretty seriously about running away. And I thought that everything my dd did would delight me forever. Ha! She's not even 7 and drives me crazy sometimes.
OMG yes! I only have two, and when my youngest was 6 weeks old I went out to dinner with the girls. never, ever would have left DS for that long til he was i don't know, 6 months maybe? And then I called every 30 minutes and worried th whole time. With DD I was out for three hours had a great time and never called. Of course the boobs wanted to explode, but it was worth it.
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Mine own dear little brother is about to become a daddy in 3 weeks!
I can't wait!

This fall, we flew across country to my Grandmother's funeral. Their time zone is 2 hours earlier than ours.

My brother and my son and I slept in a camper in the driveway. One night, all my siblings came out and we were playing games.
My son (almost 9 then) played for awhile but got really sleepy.

I wasn't thinking about the time change. It was nearly 1 a.m. at home! He started getting whiney and said he was going to bed.
My dear brother (yes I love him very much!) told me I was raising a quitter because I let him go to bed before the game was over

I didn't say, "you just wait" but I can't wait
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Originally Posted by Fuamami View Post
but there were a few times after I had #3 that I fantasized pretty seriously about running away. And I thought that everything my dd did would delight me forever. Ha! She's not even 7 and drives me crazy sometimes.

Also, all the nice parenting books I consulted when ds1 was a baby were SOOO unhelpful once I wanted to get TWO children to nap at the same time. It was like they thought everyone only has one kid...one book even went so far as to say that you can only really be a great parent if you space your kids 3-4 years apart...Uhhh, newsflash...

My fave recent comment from DH's childless aunt when we were downtown the other cold, windy day trying to cross the street - "Shouldn't we walk down to the light since we're walking with a baby?" Umm, no, I'm cold. There are no cars coming, and I'm not walking an extra block for no reason
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On all the going back to work comments: A lot of women don't realize how they are going to feel about that while pregnant. In the military, an enlisted woman has the option of getting out, but it has to be done by 30 days before her due date. So, not really knowing how she will feel, she stays in and has the baby. Six weeks later, she's back at work. If she's still breastfeeding or breastfeeding not much longer after that, it is a miracle. Then she realizes she wants to stay home. So, she gets pregnant again in order to get out or does stupid in order to get out. Honestly, I think they should extend it to 6 months after the birth (however, re-enlisting stops that clock).

Other thing I heard: "yeah, I'm going to waive the extra two months that I don't have to deploy and deploy when baby is 4 months old".

(I thought Babywise was the greatest thing ever...)
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Originally Posted by MariesMama View Post
I had quite a doozy myself ... just before getting pregnant I dog-sat for my parents for a week. Two high-strung, dumber than rocks, overbred dogs with allergies to everything, one with FIVE kinds of eye drops for some crazy eye infection. Each eye drop was on a different schedule, requiring me to give the drops at 10pm, 12am, 1am, 4am, 6am, and 8am, not to mention during the day. I got pregnant a few weeks later and stated that having a baby would be a cake walk compared to those damn dogs.

LOL I have a high-maintenance dog and I thought having a baby would be exactly the same, except with the advantage of being able to bring the baby into stores etc. instead of leaving him at home or in the car like I had to do with the dog!

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Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post
You know it irritated me before I had ds (especially as it took us 6 years to conceive) when people automatically disregarded me just because I wasn't a mommy & I refuse to do it to other people.

OF COURSE, we ALL have misperceptions before we have babies. And we do it with everything in our lives. First job, first road trip, before marriage, first house, first credit card, etc, etc, etc. Until you have lived something you can never truly comprehend it. I don't think of that as stupid but just how things are.

I have made a promise to myself that I will NEVER say to someone "We'll see when you have kids!" as I found that SO hurtful.
Yep, I agree. With every word. But in addition, to try to save my own sanity, I do my best not to say a word about my intentions or doula knowledge now unless directly asked. It's just not worth the assumptions and laughter, especially having been a doula for 7 years and 5 years TTC with one m/c. I do sort of laugh though when the predictions I (internally) make about someone's parenting future turns out to be ironically accurate.
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