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Looking for Dr. in NE PA?

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I've recently moved to NE Pennsylvania. Can anyone recommend a good family doctor or pediatrician? Preferably someone who is respectful of no vax, natural methods of healing, etc.

I am also interested in dentists, orthodontists, and gynecologists.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Hi! I'm in NEPA too (outside of Hawley) and still haven't found anyone. I stopped taking DS for well baby visits for now until I find someone willing to respect my decision to not vax him.

I'll keep an eye on this thread in case someone has a good ped/family practitioner.

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Thanks for the reply, Liz. At least I know I'm not the only one in NEPA looking for good medical care!
See my other thread on Drs. in Philly--I did get one dr. recommendation for that area.
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There's a waiting list, and it may be quite a trip, but http://www.woodmed.com/ is supposed to be very good.

Welcome to the area!
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i'm in honesdale, and we decided to take the kiddos to pediatric practices of nepa (mainly because there was a huge drive to anyone else... and we don't really see peds often- only need them in case of emergency). we saw the pa (i think her name was joey?) and she didn't give us a hard time at all about not vaxing, still bf my 2 year old, etc. we had to sign a form about the vaxes- i edited it before signing and they didn't say anything about it. we're planning a homebirth in may for baby 3, but i haven't been into the office since being pg so i can't say how they feel about that. the good part about honesdale is the abundance of other natural minded practitioners... off the top of my head i can think of an herbalist, naturopath, and chiropractor, massage therapist right in area. i've also heard there's a great natural minded and homebirth friendly cnm at women's health of nepa in honesdale. that's all i can think of at the moment, but please feel free to pm me with any questions or if you need names/contact info. hope that helps!
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We go to Dr Rogan at Geisinger Lake Scranton. The office is truly chaotic and he is almost always over booked (not his fault). He spends a lot of time with his patients and is very thorough so you will most often be waiting in the waiting room a good long time. When it is your turn you will in no way feel rushed by him. He prefers vax, but is ok with delayed/no vax. He is also anti-circ, although he will perform them. I had a friend who decided to circ her son but I know that he tried to educate her. He also is not quick to prescribe. His wife is an LLL leader and he is super pro breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding. He is cool with co sleeping. He really cares about his patients and has a great bedside manner.
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We go to Dr. Paul Tomcykoski in Jessup. I like him a lot and he is pro breastfeeding and was receptive to delaying vaxes. In fact, he asks permission before vaxing and told me that he would carry out my wishes regarding vaccines since I am the parent. When I asked if I could nurse my son when he got some shots he said "absolutely!"

Those of you in Hawley/Honesdale....I am a teacher at Wallenpaupack!!
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hi sunday moon! such a small world... my mil is also a teacher at wallenpaupack
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All the way in Dallas

Dr. Greulick is the only ped. who would accept my unvaxed kids in my area (Wyoming Valley). I DO like her very much, though I'm glad I have my strong opinions already.

Dr. Grube is a mercury free dentist in Scranton. I'm not crazy about her office -- they seem very dismissive of me -- but she's all we've got.

A GREAT chiro for kids is Dr. Jamie Knight, at Professional Chiropractic also in Scranton.
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Dr. Rogan is supposed to be excellent, if you are up in the Towanda area Dr. Cama is fine with no vax and is anti circ but will do them if you so choose. I also second Dr. Knight as a chiro. She is fabulous!
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earthymato2, no way! Who is your MIL? (You can PM me if you would like).

I have to third the love for Dr. Jamie. She's wonderful.
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Great post!

I'm so happy I found this post! I'm not new to the area, but I am searching for a new pediatrician since my son's has become quite rude and disrespectful of us and our decisions. Do you all know if the docs you've recommended are taking new patients? It seems they all want newborns!
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i had no problem getting in to see the ped in honesdale with my 2 and 6 y/o so i'm sure they're taking more than newborns. oh, and for those who recommend dr. jaimie- does she do prenatal adjustments too? i've heard great things about dr. spinnard in shohola (sp?) but i think scranton would actually be closer for me.... especially considering i was at the chiro 2x/wk in the end of my last pregnancy
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Yes, Dr Jamie does prenatal adjustments

I am sure that Dr Rogan takes older patients, not just newborns. He is double boarded in Peds and Internal Medicine so he can be your doc as well as your childrens' (sorry if I said this in my earlier post).

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I just got back to this thread and read the replies.

I don't recommend Pediatric Practices of NEPA. I was TOLD at DS's 4 month WBV when I asked about delaying shots that "They don't do that anymore". I also was bullied by Dr. Betz (sp?) when DS was 2 months old and I refused any shots. She had the staff call me at home 3 times in 2 hours to tell me I needed to bring him in for shots. The calls finally stopped when I threatened to call the police and file a harassment report.

I've taken my kids there for sick visits only since then, and thankfully they have been few and far between. They won't refer us out for DD's milk allergy and right now I'm having issues with them not dosing DS correctly for his reflux.

Anyone know of a good gastro for DS? He is 9 months (almost) and needs his reflux meds increased to the correct dosage. I'm going to have to pay out of pocket since I can't get a referral.

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Thanks for you help! I called Dr. Tomcykoski's office and they're only taking newborns. I'll be trying Dr. Rogan's tomorrow if the snowstorm doesn't have everything shut down! I actually knew his family pretty well at one time and dated one of his sons briefly so maybe that will be in our favor! If he doesn't work out I have heard Dr. Russell in Tunkhannock/Nicholson is reasonable with vaccine schedules.
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Dr. Denise Kelley is near Bethlehem. Great family doc. Doesn't take ins. but very low rates.

Dr. Macksimax (no idea how it's actually spelled) is supposed to be a good Ped GI guy at Geisinger Danville. He told one of my friends to put her daughter on probiotics and avoid dairy. No meds!
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Dr. Kelley looks like she has an office in Kingston too! I will have to check her out.
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I just wanted to update that we had our first visit with Dr. Rogan today and he was excellent. I've been on cloud 9 since our appointment. I would recommend him to anyone.
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Wow, so glad I found this thread. I'm in NEPA, and have zero luck finding any physicians who are respectful of my own natural healthcare practices (cancer survivor for 21 years using natural methods and refusing chemo) nor with my son (5 years old and I was finally bullied into the shots for his school...sigh) So, I want to keep up with this list. Maybe I can find someone near Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, Edwardsville area for myself and DS.)
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