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Teething at 11 weeks?!!?!!??

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Sawyer is TEETHING. I can't believe it. I don't remember Lucas teething until, maybe 5 months? He was a little harder to get to nap this weekend (still an angel but not super easy as usual) and he has been sucking/biting on his hands even when not hungry and pulling at my nipples while nursing. All things Lucas did before his teeth started coming in. Sure enough, today you can see two white places up top, and I can FEEL one of the teeth already! It is the two teeth on either side of his future two front teeth. It is too weird. I remember Lucas' bottom two front teeth coming in first.

Anyone else teething? Any advice? I was planning to let him chew on a wet washcloth. I don't think he can hold a teething ring yet.
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Rita has started teething too- drooling all the time, a little fussier and chewing on her hands (or any hand available for that matter!). DS got his first tooth at 4 months so I guess she is on the same track, no teeth buds in sight yet..
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wow. TEETH! That's craziness. (but again,in this house we usually don't see any until close to the first birthday!)
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Crashing from the main page - DD had her 2 top front teeth by 11 weeks, so definitely possible!
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Yup. My little guy is teething too. I had NO idea what was going on with him, until nana asked if he was possibly teething, so I stuck my finger in his mouth and sure enough! He'll be 12 weeks on Wednesday.

In my defense though, he didn't have the typical fever and drooling, just the chewing on his hands, which he's been doing off and on since birth. Just not so intensely. Since then he's gotten the fever and drooling.

I had to run out on Saturday and buy teethers - I figured I had months to worry about those.

And I'm glad to hear that the weirdness with BF is related - tonight I couldn't get him to latch on. He'd just scream when I brought him near the right breast, and he wouldn't stay latched on the left for more than 5 seconds. So I finger-fed him a little bit and he fell right to sleep.
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millie, too. i thought it was just because she's going through the 3 mo growth spurt? who knows lol!
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my guy too...he is better today but those teeth will be thru in a week or so ( he has the slits, swollen gums and I can feel them-- he is 12w) I use chamomilla homeopathic and the boob.....imo it is too early for this (( ,but he also sits up ( and is 17 #) no more little babe
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wow teeth! So exciting yet nerve wracking at the same time I'm sure since he's still so little. My older children both got their first teeth in their 6th month so I'm hoping DD will follow them.
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My LO is gnawing on his hands like crazy and drooling quite a bit too. DS1 had his first tooth around 4 mths, so it's totally possible.

The bottom ones usually come in first.
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I think Vincent is teething, he is 4 and 1/2 months. But he has been drooly, more drooly poops, chewing on his hands, etc for the past few weeks.

He is also doing the chomp on the nipples, suck a few times, pull on the nipple routine. I'm worried he's not eating enough? But then sometimes he will nurse nicely.

Any suggestions for that? Is he getting enough? He'd be fussy if he wasn't, right? Just when I thought we were starting to get everything sorted out.
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Caleb's teeth are going to pop through any day now. I can feel them and just barely see the outline. He's miserable.
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LOL, I was right!! His first tooth popped out yesterday! Wow, this seems so early!
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