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guess I will be the one

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to have back to back babies! Had a BFP last night! OMG

We had hoped to have #4 close in age to William (09/14/09), and were thinking it would probably happen within the next 6 months or so. We had weaned W to a bottle at 8 weeks due to seriously no weight gain for him ( 8 week old he was only 5 ozs over birth weight -6lb 6oz- and had lost 1.5 oz from his 6 week check to 8 week weight check) I loved breastfeeding and tried my hardest to continue but it came down to the point that even with on demand feeding which for him was every 2.5hrs for 1hr-90min sessions at a time, pumping an hr after he ate to increase milk, fenugreek (4 pills 3x a day) and mothers milk plus supplement he just was not thriving. It was sad for me, but his health and development was worth more to me than trying to keep a breastfeeding relationship that was only really good for bonding and not for nourishing him. He gained 1.5 lbs in 6 days on formula once I made the switch. I still offered him the breast after each feeding for the first week and gradually he weaned himself to formula only. It is what it is. Anyways I figured I would ovulate pretty quickly after stopping BF and it looks like DH's little swimmers were in the right place at the right time.

Guessing I am due in August sometime. Our oldest two kids are 11 months 15 days apart. These two will be much closer than that! I havent even had my post partum check with my MW yet due to weather and scheduling issues. She is coming next week to do the visit and now will make it my first prenatal visit too! Crazy!! We are choosing to keep this baby on the down low for our friends and family until the spring. We've never kept it a secret before and thought why not this time? It will be more fun to tell them when I have my preggo belly again and they can see it when we go back home to Seattle for spring break in march.

Rambling I know... I cant believe I already get to join the Aug 2010 DDC!
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There's always ONE! Better you than me, sister! Congratulations!

And btw, I'm on the edge of my seat over in this house. I had 2 periods, and now I'm on day 40. *insert finger tapping here*. We're DONE. No fourth, thankyouverymuch!
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Wow, congrats! Definitely better you than me!
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I'm kinda wondering where mine is, too. My little guy is almost 12 weeks and he was weaned to a bottle at 2 weeks. He's back on the breast at this point, but that doesn't explain no period for 10 weeks (albeit 4 of those were typical pp weeks).

I'll just say though that if we do have another one quickly, I'm fine with that. After the hell we went through to get this little guy, I'll take what I can get.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You know, recently I've been STARVING, like seriously hungry, capable of eating a ridiculous amount of food. My husband even said "it's like you're pregnant!"

It's impossible, he's fixed, I'm not cycling, and we haven't even had "real" sex yet So it really is impossible. But it got me thinking about back-to-back babies, and here you post this!!

Congratulations again! As you probably already know, having two close like this is a huge challenge at first, but when they're a few years old it's so wonderful to have a sibling that close in age!
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Oh my!! how wonderful!! I actually caught myself dreaming of having another one, but my tubes are tied anyway but I have pondered it. ;-)
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Congrats! Since I don't want more, better you, much better!!

DH is getting the big V in the new year and I am really hoping there will be no 'oops' before then!
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Congrats! My 2nd and 3rd are really close in age. Its fun!
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WOW!!!!! congrats!
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Wow! Congrats. . .you are one super mama. I want another, but would really rather wait another year before even thinking about it!
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Whoo hoo! Congrats Mama! From one DDC to the next.
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Definitely better you than me, though... I HATE being pregnant!
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Thanks ladies! Oh I HATE being pregnant. It is hell for me. 9 months of nausea and vomiting, insomnia and hideous acid reflux.... but I love being a mom and having kids. We wanted 4 and now that is what we are going to get! It's only 9-10 months of my life and in the grand scheme of things it isnt too long to be miserable! Not excited about feeling like crap for another 9 month stretch but in the end I get another wonderful newborn and know that I am never ever ever ever have to be pregnant again. Who hoooo!
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Congratulations! =)
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very exciting
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WOW congratulations!

I'm really glad it's you and not me though - I definitely want another baby but not so close together!

Have a happy pregnancy!
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Congrats! I'm in the 'better you than me!' camp as well though. Then again, these last two were only 14 months apart so I'm really looking forward to having my body back to just me in a few years when I'm done breastfeeding.

I was planning a TL, but have decided not to do that at this point, as I want to have the option there in another decade or so.
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huge congrats!!!
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A big congrats to you!!!!
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