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I'll be thinking of all your Holiday testers! How exciting.
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I started a thread for New Year's Eve/Day testers! I'll be 13DPO on New Year's Eve!
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I'm 12DPO now, so will be 18DPO on Christmas. I hope I'm beginning to feel some morning sickness on Christmas day, but I'll be checking in on all of you!
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Hello ladies! I am going to be 12DPO, December 22nd. I'm going to test then, and if I get a BFN and still don't see Ms. AF, then I will test on Christmas morning for sure!

Good luck to all of you.
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Hello! I am have been away from these forums for awhile. I must say I have always loved MM and have got very busy with my kids and life. I been on OS awhile, and am not finding it very helpful lately. Many issues there. Besides, Mothering feels soo much more homey and in line with my attachment parenting instincts and worldview. I am a EBFing, baby-led-weaning, non-vaxing, cosleeping, babywearing, noncircing, nonviolent Ojibwe Buddhist mama. I hope this is an okay place to introduce myself (again). I was drawn by the title of this group cause I have been dreaming of a Xmas BFP myself. I have been doing ecological bf with my DS who turned 1 last month. Yet I am ready for another!

1st PPAF has not yet returned for me, but I have been charting my fertility (sorry, are you guys familiar with TCOYF? ) again for 2 months and getting lots of gear ups from my body, fertile CF, and twice I thought I O'd earlier and didn't. I am afraid to be hopeful, but have been doing OPK's for a few weeks and got what seem really positive tests a few days ago. My temp dived 2 days ago and I had O pains. Now it is technically above the coverline the last 2 days. Once again I am hopeful of O if it rises and stays high... if so I will only be 7 or 8 dpo on Christmas but I am of course planning to test (bit of a poas addict here) then. While not likely of accuracy so early, I have seen it happen! Forgive this book of an intro, and thanks for reading! I am excited to meet you all and wish you all BFP's!
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Tara! We're glad you're back. And lots and lots of to you for that Christmas BFP
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Hi. Joining you ladies for the Christmas testing. I'll be DPO13/14 too. Let's hope we all will get a best gift ever - BFP!! .

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Nanatte56- Thank you so much! I hope you get your Christmas BFP too!

bless- hi there!

sorry not many personals today. Not starting off as a good buddy, am I?

AM alas, temp down today (after up 2 days) so my cautious hope has dwindled. Looks like no O. What is with those OPK (positive-or?) tests! Not going get Answer kind again. so unless something miraculous happens, I can't test with you guys on Xmas.
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Tara2. It's never over till the (lady on her broom shows). Hope it doesn't show. Hang in there.

to everyone! 5 days to count down for our Christmas wish - BFP!!

All I want for christmas is two pink lines!!!
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Originally Posted by blessmeso View Post

to everyone! 5 days to count down for our Christmas wish - BFP!!

All I want for christmas is two pink lines!!!
I'll second that!
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I'm out. 3 days spotting, 2 days heavy period.

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Sorry Liz
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Sorry Liz.
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Seeming unlikely for me, too

10dpo and had a little spotting this morning. Last 4 cycles I've had a little bit of spotting 2 days before AF, so my guess is I won't even get the chance to test.

I can't help but remain a Teeny TINY bit hopeful that it was just implantation bleeding.... What do you guys think?

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Heck yeah!!

I got 1st AF on Thanksgiving after my m/c on Oct 19. My cycle is generally 30 days but I ov'ed somewhere around Dec 12-13.

I will be around 12-13dpo on Xmas. I know that I should wait a day or 2 but I really want to give my DH a special stocking-stuffer!

Fingers! Commence crossing!

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Okay, I'm officially in!

This was my first time charting and I wasn't sure what to expect - and after a long time is seemed like I wasn't going to O at all! But now FF shows me O'ing on CD20, so I am about 5DPO. By Christmas morning - 9DPO. Hopefully that is enough If I don't get AF, I won't have a chance to test again until New Years Eve morning, and then won't be able to again until Jan. 5th. ACK! Come on BFP!
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These are always the hardest few days for me. I'm 9DPO today. 3 more days until testing! I've been having some "different" things happening, but refuse to get my hopes up again. Also, 2 nights in a row of dreams where I had found out I was pregnant. Dreams....why must you torture me so?
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Lol waiting until Chirstmas is really gonna test my restraint. I was day dreaming over breakfast to about picking up a hpt and how easy it would be to poas.

As for me zero symptoms that are abnormal just the regular af is coming feelings. I'm 10-12dpo and the earliest I would expect my af is tomorrow. Here's hoping af stays away from me and everyone else here
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Hi can I join too, I will be 12 dpo on christmas day and tested today but it was bfn but I am only 9dpo, will hold out till christmas now.

eta. the last couple days I have been having some mild cramping but no sign of AF, so maybe it is baby getting comfy.
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probably not gonna make it to Christmas.......been spotting for the last 3 mornings. Dh watched me log on to FF and put in my info, so I didn't have to tell him the bad news....bummed! Just so bummed!
Hoping for Happy Christmas surprises for the rest of you!

babycakes1, Your temp went up though, so don't count yourself out just yet! I'll be rooting for you!
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