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Mine never liked the sling, FYI. I used a podaegi with my tinies, and it worked great. I don't see why the Ergo wouldn't work without an insert, for a two-month-old.
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If you don't like everything about the Ergo, have you looked at the Beco Butterfly? Might suit you better. : )
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Originally Posted by EricaDoula View Post
What about a plan bjorn or maybe a sling, like slinglings or hotslings?
Please don't use a Bjorn! It's a "crotch dangler" and not good for babies.

I found the best carrier for me to the Pikkolo. I started using it when DS was 4 months old (he was a 29 week preemie so really he was 2 months old) and I still use it daily now that he is 13 months.

You can even wear it Forward Facing which is great when they are too small for back carries, but want to see the world.
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seconding Jan's SBP and Comfy Joey suggestions....my absolute fave SSC is a Connecta. Doesn't have the padded waist that was just too bulky for my short frame and it's the only carrier (besides my wraps) that I'm still using with my 3 1/2 yo (and can still carry her 5 1/2 yo brother in it as well.)
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I loved the baby ktan carrier for this stage. I could even nurse in it.
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I have a Beco butterfly, hotsling, ring sling, k'tan, and a wrap from my toddler and my fav for my 10 week old is the k'tan. It is so easy to get him in and out quickly in our cold weather, and I can now prop him up a bit to see out which he likes now that he is getting older. They are cheaper on target.com too.
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Meredith!! It's you! I haven't been on the boards in a while and was so happy to see here (though in real life is much better ) I used a ring sling one of my birth clients made me with baby all froggy style when Elsa was Dylan's age. Later she faced out in it for many months as well. We eventually used a Moby wrap more as she got bigger, but for errands it was just awful. I couldn't keep it tight if I put it on at home, then placed her in it once at the stores. And it got filthy hitting the ground as I kept putting it on over and over when out and about, not to mention the possibility of getting wet here in the Seattle area. I also used a Mei Tai a ton as Elsa got bigger, but have never used it with a newborn. I have been thinking of getting a Buddah Baby. Same concept as a Moby, but in two tube-like pieces so it never hits the ground.
Hope that helps! See you around I hope
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When my dd was that age, she lived inside her hotsling. I continued using it for most of my errands through about 9 months, when I switched to the Ergo. We had a ring sling too and I hated it. the hotsling just fit better- both for me and for her. Also, I received a basic mei tai when she was about 3-4 months, and I used that for longer walks and such, until the 9 month switch to the Ergo.
The thing that makes the hotsling (and others like it) so great is that it's just a small piece of fabric, with no buckles, ties, etc. It's easy to transport, easy to slip baby in and out, and then, if you're in the middle of a store and you need to take baby out for some reason, you're not left lugging around a huge bulky thing.
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Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. I ended up getting a baby k'tan first and then a Pikkolo. The baby k'tan was pretty good and for running quick errands, it's better than the moby. But, I could feel the baby start to get lower and lower the more I wore him.

So, now I have a Pikkolo. I'm not all that in love with it. At least not yet. My guy is so little that I am able to just pop him in it for now but it's not the most comfortable thing I've worn. But, it's still pretty new, so I'm going to keep working at it.

GentlerBirth...it's you!!! Aren't you due any day now? It was so nice to hear from you. Of course I'm on here...I don't know what I would do without these forums!
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Hi Meredith! I was due in 4 days, but just had my baby this afternoon! I'll try to post his birth story in the next few days Long story short, 9lbs 6oz, posterior baby- ouch! Born at home after 9 hours with my amazing midwife, doula partner, and hubby in attendance. Baby Ben looks like a little, er, big elf! Can't wait for you to meet him
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pouch sling is great for quick in and out of the store.

I loved using a pouch sling with my kids when I went into stores. I never would be caught holding that heavy car seat. I love my pouch sling from Slings and Baby Things. My friend just ordered one from them and they have a place on the inside of the sling that you can nurse your baby without taking them out. I wish they had that when I used my sling.
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