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Shifting pain in Hip and lower back

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I have this extreme pain in my lower back and right side of my hip which comes and goes and some times shifts . The pain seems more if I lie down and comes in bursts and is really painful that I have to stop all activity and sit down. Along with this I also have pain in the right side of my abdomen. could these be gas pains?
I am trying not to go to the doc, would anyone know what it might be?
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Your sciatic nerve exits the lower spine, goes through the buttocks and down the leg. It could explain the pain you are describing.

I have a curvature in my lower spine that sometimes puts pressure on my sciatic nerve. When that happens, I find that sleeping semi-fetal is best, with a small pillow between my knees. The position helps relieve pressure from the lower spine.

Years ago, I would feel pain in my abdomen at the same time (not any more). It was so intense it was suspected that I had endometriosis or an ovarian cyst. But, when that pain, as well as the back pain, were alleviated by a chiropractor's adjustment, it was clear the two were related. I've heard of other people, in different circumstances, having pain distant from its source - referred or radiated pain. Certainly, I don't know if that's what's going in with you. Just telling you my story so that you might keep it in mind as you pursue answers.

Feel better.
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Now I know what has been bothering me. I had an acute pain near my lower right back. I thought it was some nerve issue and applied Volini for a week. Then my mother applied heat compress and the pain vanished from there. However, the pain shifted to my right hip joint which aggrevated while lying down and reduced when I walked around. Now I don't know what to do. It must be that sciatic nerve because now i can feel the pain right through my right butt and spurts of pain arise when I try to move my right leg lying down or ever try to change sides. I am going to visit a doctor tomorrow but would be glad if someone can give any solutions.

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