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Any signs of labor yet?

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Let's get this thread going....LOL

Here are some common ones for those are may be first time moms:

Baby dropping and engaging

less movement

mucus plug

bloody show

contractions...of course

effacement and dilation

So anyone experiencing anything yet?
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Amelia has dropped, i'm 2cm dilated, I've been having irregular contractions for over a week, I've been slowly losing my mucus plug and she is moving less.
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I got NOTHING! Seriously.

With my daughter the same thing - still high and 1.5cm dilated at my morning visit - nary a BH or contraction. NOTHING. She started labor about 12 hours after that and then born 12 later. I'm hoping the same goes on with this kid.
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I think the baby has dropped but I don't know about 'engaged.' Will ask the m/w today Lots of braxton hicks and some crampy type ones a couple times a day. Movement doesn't seem to have lessened at all - the movements just feel more intense now!
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Who knows. As of this morning's appointment I'm still not dialated which is weird because I was 2-3 cm with both boys by this point. But this week and last week I got the "you are really, really soft - when it's time it's going to be FAST" :roll:
She's moving less but other then that I've got nothin!
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For the last month:

increased discharge/loosing mucus plug

10-12 contractions/day

increased pelvic pain/pressure

less movement today than usual - could be they are just running out of room

Don't know about effacement or dilation as I don't want my midwife to do any internals. Doesn't seem to matter much with me anyway because I was really high and only 2cm only 45 mintutes before my last DD was born. She was still so high that the nurse at the hospital had trouble even reaching my cervix.
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I don't have much going on here.
Baby is low and engaged, but still moves a lot. Not losing mucous plug at all, discharge seems normal. I have bh contractions regularly, but I have had them since about 20 weeks. I guess they might be a bit more frequent/strong, but not much.
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baby dropped
50%+ effaced
lots of cramping & BH
lost parts of mucous last week
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I hope not...I still have 6 weeks to go
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This is just mean; I'm not due til the end of the month!
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I don't have any symptoms and have not been checked once during my pregnancy so I don't know what the heck is going on down there My labor usually starts with my water breaking so I am not counting on anything and am in total denial anyway
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I've got strong BH's going... and twinges and strong pressure on the cervix. Everything started yesterday - exactly the first day of my 37th week! No change in baby's position - not dropping or engaging... Just less movement and those strong contraction like - BH... definitely reminding me of previous labors!! Oh, and a bit more discharge... Soooooo exciting!!! I'm totally ready for him!!!
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No signs of labor, but a lot more symptomatic end of pregnancy... I had like 6 BH all last pregnancy and I have them a lot more frequently, also more cervical sensation, but like a lot of other Mamas, I am still way out from my due date, so for now, stay baby stay!
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does more movement count?

The only new thing is I can really notice the hiccups! Also, more of defined routine of movement. When he/she is up, she's up. when she's quiet, she's quiet.

This is the first pg that I have had SO many kicks up near my ribs. I never had that before. IT TICKLES!!!!
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Baby has dropped but still moving alot. Lots of contractions, 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Nothing else but I am still a ways away too.
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Baby is dropped and engaged -- I started losing (a lot!) my mucous plug on Monday.

I'm totally loosening up, lots of unbearable pressure, lots of BH. Things are definitely getting ready!
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My first check on Monday and 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Starting to get a lot of pelvic pressure! I feel like my pubic bone is literally going in two different directions sometimes!
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
I hope not...I still have 6 weeks to go


But baby has dropped- he was never NOT dropped, his head is totally engaged at this point- and I've got feelings of pressure and increased BH's especially if I'm walking around. Also increased discharge (which for me means I've gone from nothing to SOMETHING, yay!). You can tell he's squashed in there and his movements are more deliberate, but he's still wiggling around plenty.

I checked my own cervix because it's SO LOW it's hard not to I don't knwo what it's doing though. Feels very soft, thinner (I'm not sure how exactly I'm supposed to know that, though...? Just instinct says it's thinner). No dilation though.
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I'm excited for you moms losing the mucus plug...for me that gets me really excited...i know my routine is lose it about a week before labor..I know it's different for everyone..but it's a good sign no matter what.
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Baby A's head is low. MW could touch it yesterday. I am 1.5 cm dilated and have a soft cervix, but no loss of mucous plug. I have had a few contractions, but nothing regular. MW thinks I will still be pregnant next week.
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